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what is rakeback

What is rakeback?

As an ambitious or professional poker player you already know the term rakeback and how it works. Beginners and hobby players might have heard the term but do not know everything about it because they just like to play the game.

In order to understand the term Rakeback you should first of all understand the term “rake”. In simple words rake can be described as the earnings of poker rooms. If you play real money poker you automatically generate rake and the poker room earns money from the moment you start playing a hand, e.g. in a Sit & Go or any other tourney. In cash games the rake is calculated by a certain percentage of the pot and in tourneys it is included in the buy-in. The rake is generally between four to ten percent but can be higher on micro limits.

Rakeback is some kind of thank-you gift from the poker room. It is a percentage which the player receives from the money he generated for the poker room. Poker rooms calculate Rakeback with a Monthly-Gross-Revenue formula. There are three methods for calculating rake:  “Contributed Rakeback” means that all players who have actively contributed to the pot will receive Rakeback. This is especially good for loose players. With the method of “Dealt Rakeback” every player who is dealt cards receives Rakeback. It is independent from the portion a player contributes to the pot and thus everybody gets the same amount of Rakeback. This is the best choice for tight players who play fewer hands on average. The last method is  “progressive Rakeback” where the percentage of the paid rake depends on the amount of hands played. If someone plays a larger amount of hands, he will receive more Rakeback. This method is recommendable for players with a high volume.

In general you can summarize that players with a high volume, e.g. generating a four-digit rake, receive the highest Rakeback whereas hobby players gain a smaller amount.

Is Rakeback important?

Does Rakeback have an important role? For recreational players, who just play occasionally, Rakeback plays a minor role – it’s all about fun and enjoying the game!

Ambitious or professional players should inform themselves about rake and Rakeback since Rakeback might be a significant part of their profit. If there was no rake, players who win money might become losing players when paying rake would be introduced. This is true for about 50% of all players. If one inserts Rakeback into this equation, losing players with small losses will suddenly become winning players depending on their percentage of Rakeback. This percentage usually depends on the poker rooms.

So called affiliates, intermediaries like YourPokerDream, gain a small provision from a poker room where they convey a certain player to. These affiliates might yield poker players additional value.

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For whom does Rakeback pay off?

This question is frequently asked. An explicit answer is not possible since you have to define what a good payout is. Is it worth the hassle for $0.10 per month? Or would you prefer $100 per week? In general you might hear that Rakeback pays off from a certain limit or from a certain amount of hours and that it will heavily vary from player to player.

This is nonsense if you take a closer look at it. First of all Rakeback is additional value and has no disadvantages for you. You will never regret that you applied for it. On the other side if you have an old account without Rakeback you might get angry because you do not receive it.

If someone offers you to give you 30% of your money for future beer purchases back, nobody would say “No thank you I am not thirsty right now!”

The only exception occurs when you have to decide between a Rakeback deal and a very good one-time bonus (affiliates also offer very large one-time bonuses). It could be more reasonable to take the bonus if you know that you cannot gain more money with a Rakeback deal in the near future.


It is a fact that it is of enormous importance to receive the highest possible amount of Rakeback. Without Rakeback you will give away hundreds or thousands of dollars which you leave behind at the poker table. Like in the free economy a poker player has to learn how to maximize profits and that your winnings can be substantially boosted by Rakeback. And every experienced player will agree to this

FAQ Rakeback

This is difficult to say. YourPokerDream offers you the best possible rakeback deals all over the world and earn at every of our partner rooms minimum 50% rakeback. At some rooms up to 89% rakeback.

Yes you can at every poker room rakeback. Only the percentage of rakeback is from room to room different.

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Yes all flat rakeback deals which we offer are 100% legal. These days flat rakeback deals are absolutly normal for almost every poker room. Some years ago the most poker rooms and networks was against such flat rakeback deals, but this was the past.

Yes of course. A good rakeback deal increase your winnings. Thats why every good poker player is always looking for the best possible rakeback deal. There exist also many player who make only by rakeback winnings. They play break even but the rakeback make them to winning players.

No, it is  for every kind of player important. A hobby player who is playing  just for fun is the same happy to recieve some extra cash as a  professional poker player.

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