Playing with a HUD is only possible with a few providers

Using a HUD on the virtual poker tables is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Whether tournament poker, Cash Game Texas Holdem or Pot Limit Omaha, that the game changes year after year is no secret. Online Poker strategies that were very profitable 5 years ago are no longer usable today and lead to the loser road. But not only the game changes, but also the environment around it.

In this article there is a short explanation of what HUD is, what advantages it brings and which poker rooms are still allowed to use.

What is a HUD?

Ein HUD zeigt eine Vielzahl von Statistiken am Pokertisch an

For a professional player, the use of a Poker HUD is actually a standard accessory. Programs like Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker have been the most important accessories for 95% of all professional poker players for years. Every hand that has ever been played at a table is saved in a database and converted into various statistics.

These statistics can then be viewed live in a HUD (see picture on the left) and thus have helpful information about your opponents. If a player raises very aggressively from a late position, he often folds on a continuation bet, how often he raises before the flop and hundreds more statistics can be viewed with the HUD.

For beginners, of course, this looks very confusing at first and as a normal casual player, you don’t even know that such a thing exists at all. But as an online poker pro you have a huge advantage if you know how to evaluate all these statistics and incorporate them into your game.

Why are more and more providers banning the use of a HUD?

As already mentioned, a HUD is a tool for professional players. You can quickly differentiate between good and bad players and gain an advantage over recreational players. Basically, these tools like Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker are freely available to everyone, just that normal players don’t even know because they just want to play poker naturally.

Since 2019, providers have increasingly focused on protecting recreational players from the professionals and making the game more natural, just as it would be in a normal casino at a live table. This has always been the case in the very popular GG Poker network and also at Unibet. Both providers are known for the fact that the player field is much weaker here than in other poker rooms.

Since June 2019, PartyPoker and Bwin have also decided that any use of aids, including a HUD, is prohibited. And even if there are still a few networks / poker rooms where the use of a HUD is permitted, it is only a matter of time when they will follow suit.

The following poker sites still allow the use of a HUD

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