Playing with HUDs and any third-party tools will soon be a thing of the past

The trend of 2019 points in a clear direction to all professional players what the future of online poker looks like. The goal is to protect the casual players and keep the money longer in the pool. Over the years, a huge market has developed in terms of some technical tools that help regular players to find the fish, block the seats at the profitable tables, and also collect a massive database of statistics on each player.

These programs take the thinking of the player for the most part, which of course is a great advantage when playing against a player who does not use such programs. The naturalness is lost, and everything becomes too artificial.

Third-party tools do not have much to do with natural poker anymore, and it has a substantial impact on the poker ecosystem. Many providers have decided to go this way a long time ago and have done so successfully. The best example is the GG Poker Network, which prohibits any use of any third-party tools from the beginning. Meanwhile, the GG network is in terms with the number of players in the cash game Texas No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha on par with Party Poker/Bwin. Other big names such as the Microgaming Network and Unibet have been using the same strategy for a long time.

All other sites will follow soon

It was only a matter of time when the other big names joined in, and now it’s time. PokerStars was the first to attract attention at the beginning of the year with a few changes. Various seating scripts and other technical aids were banned. A few are currently allowed at PokerStars and HUD is still allowed, but it’s only a matter of time when nothing is allowed.

Also, PartyPoker and Bwin are following this path and have already announced that with the new software update in June 2019, no technological aids are allowed. All players must, therefore, choose a new alias/nickname, so that all information collected about a particular player in the past are obsolete.

A small number of poker sites remain

The choice for players who still rely on Holdem Manager, PokerTracker, and similar programs for a long time get very thin. At the moment there is PokerStars left with some limitations, the iPoker Network, and the Winning Poker Network. According to our estimates, these three will follow until the end of 2019 at the latest and also forbid all third-party tools.

Final words

Although many professional players do not like to see these changes, but if you look at it objectively, it is the only right step. Some players are on the winner side just because of a variety of technological tools, and without them are completely lost. Poker should be natural, not too artificial, and every player should have the same opportunities to win. There exist no programs in live poker that show statistics and give any help. You have to make your own decision.

YourPokerDream welcomes this development as it is the only way to bring online poker forward and keep the tables natural.

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