TigerGaming has given players a new way to dust off big winnings with the exciting and new Windfall Sit & Gos.

Played 3-handed, hyper-turbo, the pre-money it’s all about is rolled out – allowing players to earn a win within a matter of minutes between twice and 2,000 times the original buy-in.

The games can be viewed under the new Windfall tab in the poker client, the buy-ins are $ 3, $ 7, $ 15 and $ 30. All you have to do is select a buy-in and sign up to start a Sit & Go.

Regardless of the stakes chosen, the site charges seven percent of the buy-in as a rake fee. For low stakes players that’s a good thing, as some competitors are asking for more rake for similar poker variations.

Mostly you will only be able to double your buy-in, but if you play often enough, you will inevitably find yourself in games with bigger prize pools. Take a look at the table below to see how often which prize pools come about:

Prize Pool Multiplier $30 Windfall $15 Windfall $7 Windfall $3 Windfall Frequency
2000X $60 000 $30 000 $14 000 $6 000 1 in 100,000
100X $3 000 $1 500 $700 $300 5 in 100,000
50X $1 500 $750 $350 $150.00 10 in 100,000
20X $600 $300 $140 $60 50 in 100,000
10X $300 $150 $70 $30 102 in 100,000
5X $150 $75 $35 $15 24,772 in 100,000
2X $60 $30 $14 $6.00 75,060 in 100,000

1.000$ Bonus/25k YPD Race

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