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 Winner Race $1.500


About the Promo: $1.500 Rake Race
Eligible players: All players with a tracked Winner Poker account
Leaderboard: Updated daily for the top 25 players.
Runtime:  01. – 30. September 2017
Payment: Until the 5th day of the next month. The value of any cash prize cannot be higher than 20% of the generated rake/tournament fees.
Point distribution: 1$ Rake – 1 YPD Point

Current Leaderboard
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Promotion Procedure

This race is a normal Rake Race. Play at the tables of Winner Poker and collect as many YourPokerDream points as possible. All of your games will be evaluated for the promo. It doesn’t matter if you play Cash Game, Sit&Go tournaments or MTT tournaments. Don’t lose time and secure great extra cash prices in our exclusive Winner Poker Race. This Rake Race was created only for YourPokerDream players who are tracked via YourPokerDream. All other Winner Poker players are not allowed to participate in this Rake Race.

If you have any further questions to our Winner Poker Rake Race, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team.

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