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· Published 08.07.2020 · last updated 19.07.2022

WSOP Online Results

WSOP Bracelet winners 2020

Three more WSOP tournaments passed – all the bracelets were taken away by players who had not received them before. It is noteworthy that all the winners who became the WSOP champions so far are American players – Louis Lynch, Robert Kuhn, and Matt Bod. Each event had the opportunity to make up to two re-entries.

This year, the vast majority of the participants of the World Series of Poker are Americans. Although 10-15 representatives of other countries in four tournaments reinforce its internationality, in fact, by 2020 the series became less “global” than before.

WSOP Bracelet Event 2: $1K Deepstack 8-Max

WSOP Bracelet Event 2: $1K Deepstack 8-Max

The event, which was lasting for 11 hours, scored 919 entries. As a result, the total prize pool exceeded up to $ 873K.

The second series tournament was played by many famous poker players, including Daniel Negreanu under the nickname “DNegs”, who was unlucky enough to leave the tournament in 18th place with a prize of $ 5.8K. In the end, Louis “PokeThese” Lynch, a resident of Pennsylvania, received the WSOP online bracelet along with the $ 168K.

The wins in this tournament exceeded the sum of all poker prize money earned in live tournaments up to this point (according to The Hendon Mob).

Place Poker Player Prize
1 «PokeThese» (Louis Lynch) $168.5K
2 «KOVID19» (Ryan Ko) $104K
3 «GoneBananas» (Kevin Garosshen) $73K
4  «IntpTheRIver» (Daniel Fischer) $52K
5 «bahbababa» (Sean Prendiville) $37.8K
6 «haderade» (Jason Somerville) $27.7K
7 «jonnyg93» (Jon Gisler) $20.6K
8  «Michmeister» (Matthew Mich) $15.6K
9 «YoelRomero» (Josh King) $11.9K

WSOP Bracelet Event 3: $400 NLH

WSOP Bracelet Event 3: $400 NLH

The tournament lasted for 12 hours and collected 2,091 entries; the prize pool exceeded $ 752K.

The winner of the event became Robert Kuhn, a live WSOP events participant, who won more than $ 370K in live tournaments of this series.

The cash prize in the third event of the WSOP 2020 did not become the largest for him in his career – in 2016 he received $ 122K and a golden ring, by taking first place in the WSOP-C Main Event. However, he had not previously received world-class bracelets.

Place Player Prize
1 «bustinballs» (Robert Kuhn) $115.8K
2 «rlksaces» (Ronald Keren) $71.5K
3 «Doc33» (Richard Federico) $52K
4 «klubot» (Theodore Lui) $38K
5 «ndirish50» (Max Huster) $28.6K
6 «Escott121181» (Evan Scott) $21K
7 «pokerher2014» (Christopher Fuchs) $16K
8 «prngls12» (Roland Israelashvili) $12K
9 «AndrewFreund» (Andrew Freund) $9.5K

WSOP Bracelet Event 4: $500 NLH Super-Turbo

WSOP Bracelet Event 4: $500 NLH Super-Turbo

The fourth event, which gathered 1,179 entries, thanks to its accelerated structure lasted only five hours. The prize pool reached the number of $530.5K.

Phil Hellmuth was playing at this tournament under the nickname “Lumestackin” and reached the 37th place. Frankly speaking, the jackpot for one of the greatest poker pros and record holder in the number of WSOP bracelets turned out to be small – only $ 1.9K.

The winner and owner of the gold bracelet, Matt Bode, appeared to work as a behavior therapist and an avid MTT-player, as he claims on his Twitter account.

Place Player Prize
1 «Bodeyster» (Matt Bode) $97K
2 «XcrazylegsX»  (Brian Frasca) $59.9K
3 «KTUUUH» $42.6K
4 «spaghetti» (Frank Marasco) $30.7K
5 «ImaLuckSac» (Kevin MacPhee) $22K
6 «DrJayTrotter» $16.5K
7 «Whosyourdodd» (Ryan Dodd) $12K
8 «Saygoodnight» (Shawn Daniels) $9K
9 «Daluxxx» $7K
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