Dear Community,

As you know, we recently announced our partnership with Titan Poker. Unfortunately we had to realize after a short time that there is nothing going as it should. In addition, we have heard that Titan Poker belongs to the same company as Winner Poker. With Winner Poker, we ended our partnership long ago due to various payment problems, lack of communication and unprofessional behavior since they have moved all to some sub affiliate. HERE THE ARTICLE TO WINNER POKER

The reasons why we go this step are as follows:

  • We still do not have access to player stats and can not update our Rake Races. There has been no response to the demand for a manual report since already two days
  • There are still open payments that do not concern Titan Poker but the company that owns it and qho is responsible for affiliates
  • Very poor communication via email. Skype communication was promised but ignored for nearly 2 weeks
  • Titan Poker is not a bad poker room in itself and it’s more about the background. For security reasons we have to take this step. If such things starts right at the beginning, it’s a very bad sign. At the moment we just can not make sure that everything goes as it should, that we receive the rake/fees to update our races and that we are paid normally and reliably.

Before we have too many players at Titan Poker and bigger issues we prefer to be safe and therefore do not accept any new signups at Titan Poker for the moment. As mentioned above, we can not be sure we get paid and we do not get any player datas yet, so that’s the only decision we can do for the moment.

We hope you can understand this step and thank you for your understanding! Of course, we will try to find a solution so that we can include Titan Poker as planned in our two Rake Races and offer you the service that you are used from us.

If you have questions, our support is available 24/7 as always!

Best regards

YourPokerDream Team

Update 27.03.2019

Titan Poker have contacted us today and it seems all issues will be solved. We have received the missing datas and can include so all datas to our rake races!

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