We at YourPokerDream start with an interview series of different players and ask them about their successes, what kind of games and limits they are playing, the online poker market and some other things.

Interview from the 10. Februar 2019 with our player Thunderstorm

YPD Username: Thunderstorm
Variant: Up to 200$ SNG HU and 50-100$ Spins
YPD Member: Since 2014
Poker Room: iPoker Netzwerk und Party/Bwin
Nationality: Russland

YourPokerDream: Hi Thunderstorm, thank you for giving us some time. How long have you been playing online poker?

Thunderstorm: Hi, your welcome. Time is running and it’s already 8 years. Can not believe that it has been so long

YourPokerDream: 8 years is already a decent time. How much has the game changed in the last 8 years?

Thunderstorm: It has gotten harder because of all the poker schools shooting from all corners. Of course it also depends on what type of game and limits you play and how much you work on your own game. You often have to play against the same players on the higher limits and you must be better, thats the secret. Of course there are also some fish but I think to many players focus only to find the big fish. There are so many regulars who have a lot of leaks in their game and the money comes not only from the big fish.

YourPokerDream: What kind of games are you actually playing? You generate a lot of rake every month.

Thunderstorm: I play SNG Heads Up Spins. I used to play only heads up, but since the spins there is a good alternative and you also have a lot more traffic and variety in terms of the players.

YourPokerDream: Is not difficult to switch between two game types?

Thunderstorm: Normally yes but in this case the two varients are not so different and many good HU players switched to the spins. You’ll find a lot more fish here, even on the high limits, because of the game duration and the high jackpots.

YourPokerDream: That makes sense. Did you ever hit a big jackpot?

Thunderstorm:I once had a 240 multiplier at PartyPoker. At iPoker three times a 100 multiplier! I always mix party and iPoker. Actually i would only play at party, because the idiotic SBR annoys me at iPoker, but to get maximum traffic, I have to play on both sites.

YourPokerDream: May i ask how many hours do you play per week? And how much profit do you make every month? :)

Thunderstorm: I usually play 40-50h a week. But it can also be a bit more if I run good, or sometimes less if I have a lot to do in real life. Yes, what can I say …… I earn good money, especially for russian conditions. But you also have to do a lot and invest time.

YourPokerDream: It is important that you are satisfied and that you earn good money. You’ve been with YPD for a long time now. What would you improve or what do you like? Or do you have criticism?

Thunderstorm: Yes thats true. I’m actually satisfied. I do not want to warm up old things now but there was a time when I almost turned away from YPD. But you have managed it to turn all in the right direction and now everything runs smoothly. Clearly, your Skype support is the best, always available and more than qualified in any way.

YourPokerDream: Thank you very much for the compliment. How do you see the development of online poker and what do you think of the Asian sites that become more and more popular?

Thunderstorm: Yes the Asian market is certainly very interesting and brings more players in the pool and of course more fish. With all the regulations and the smaller pool of players that is of course exactly what we need. For me, this is not so interesting, as these sites do not offer HU Games or Spins yet. For cash game players it is certainly very profitable and I know a few people who play there and are very satisfied.

YourPokerDream: Now we are coming to an end  but we would like to know what your goals for 2019 are?

Thunderstorm: The answer is simple. Make more cash :)

YourPokerDream: We wish you good luck with it and thanks again for your time.

Thunderstorm: Thanks!

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