We at YourPokerDream start with an interview series of different players and ask them about their successes, what kind of games and limits they are playing, the online poker market and some other things.

Interview from the 14. June 2019 with our player Edward(Witulox)

YPD Username: Witulox
Variant: PLO100 HU and up to PLO500 6max
YPD Member: Since 2019
Poker Sites/Networks: PartyPoker and Microgaming Network
Nationality: Venezuela

YourPokerDream: Hi Edward, thanks a lot that you found some time for this short interview. As i know you just arrived back home from the WSOP ins Las Vegas. How was your time in Vegas?

Witulox: Try to explain with words, how was my experience its quite hard jeje! But, to be honest; was the best 2 weeks of all my life!

YourPokerDream: That sounds really cool and seems you had a lot of fun. Was it your first time in Las Vegas?

Witulox: Yeah! My first time in (Las Vegas) and in a WSOP event!

YourPokerDream: For sure a fantastic experience and a dream of every poker player. As i know you was playing some cash game and 2 tournaments. How did you run in the tournament? Are you happy with the results you reached?

Witulox: Totally! Well, i played 3 wsop tournaments;

Millionaire Maker
PLO 600

All of them highly variance MTT, i just reached Day2 on BIG50, the rest got crushed with bad beats :,/ Yeah, im happy cause i compesated alot with my cash game winning (the area where im a truly crusher) jeje ;)

YourPokerDream: Yes to reach a good result at a tournament and to come to a final table you need of course also a bit luck. As i know you are also in the way to reach our diamond status and maybe you will play the WSOP 2020 as a part of the YourPokerDream Sponsoring Team ;) How is your experience if you compare it to Online Poker? would you say the player field was more soft as it is online?

Witulox: Being Diamond is now my mainly goal after i got back home! it will be an honor. Totally softer field! but watch out guys! Asian players are insanely good!!

YourPokerDream: ok so you have a goal :) Oh thats interesting what you say because many people still think the asian players are very bad. Or maybe it is only online so. Do you like more to play Online Poker or Live Poker? I know it is hard to compare and both have some prositve and negative aspects

Witulox: Mmm! good question! I would preffer Live Poker! because you can make new friends, meet amazing people! and also, observe other faces when got bad beats! haha

YourPokerDream: Haha yes thats true. Poker can be very hard sometimes if you are unlucky. Since when do you play poker? Most probably you are playing already a few years because you play some nice PLO Limits

Witulox: Overall, i had 10 years playing poker! i started at full tilt poker! I started with NLH and move into the best game ever!! (Pot limit omaha)

YourPokerDream: Good that you mention it :) Why exactly PLO?

Witulox: More Action = More Recreational Players! = More money! and i love its complexity, so i have something to discover everyday!

YourPokerDream: As i know PLO has a higher variance as NLH what means bankroll management is a very important topic. A lot of players have a very aggressive bankroll management. How is it with you and how you think about the topic bankroll management?

Witulox: Waow! bankrol management is EVERYTHING! no matter how good you are, if you dont manage it properly, you gonna bust 100%! I play with 200 buy in!! and i would like to add that i have an enterprise, so in that way my mental game (Financially talking) is at its best!

YourPokerDream: thats good that you are thinking so because there exist a lot of players which are really good poker players in general but they do not respect bankroll management. Before we come to the end i have two more questions for you. 1. I know tilt is also a big problem of many players especially when they have a hard downswing. Did you every destroy anything when you was angry because of a bad beat? :)

Witulox: To be honest, never! i do control tilt pretty well! cause i dont have money feelings! But long time ago, i throw away a glass of water! jeje

YourPokerDream: wow thats fantastic. You respect banktoll managment and have also a good mindest. And how you do think about the poker market in general? Some people say especially online poker is dead.

Witulox: Online poker isnt dead! what truly happen is there are more good players, so the field get tough! and by my experience, people doesnt like play vs good ones! even the regs!

YourPokerDream: Yes true everybody is searching the big fish and many people forget that there exist also regulars with a lot of leaks in their game. Thanks a lot for your time and this nice interview. We wish you all the best and that you reach your goals and also our diamond status :)

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