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If you’re new to online poker you may have seen the terms such as Free No Deposit Bonus, Free Money or Freeroll Tournaments

If you would like to get a Free Online Poker No Deposit Bonus, or play Freeroll tournaments and win money without having to pay a single cent, then read on – getting your hands on free poker money is quite simple.

YourPokerDream would like to give our players a detailed overview of the best online poker Freeroll tournaments around and help you sign up to our partner poker rooms which offer their players free poker money. It doesn’t matter if you are a poker beginner or an experienced poker veteran – there is free money to claim whichever category you’re in!

In addition to our free poker money offers, YourPokerDream players get access to our exclusive poker rakeback deals and all our promotions. All you have to do is sign up at one of our poker partners through YourPokerDream, and you’re good to go…


PartyPoker: $40 in Multi-table tournament and Spins tickets + $9 Cash from YourPokerDream, for a minimum deposit of $20.
Natural8: 8 Cash after a minimum deposit of $10.
CoralPoker: $30 Tournament tickets after a minimum deposit of $20.

600$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

250$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

1.000$ Bonus/80k YPD Rake Race

Freeroll Tournaments

Freeroll tournaments are extremely common in the online poker world. This, of course, is due to the fact that these tournaments have prize pools yet don’t require a buy-in. Not surprisingly, the fact that we can both win money and tournament tickets and so on, as well as have at our disposal a learning experience, all for not even a single cent, means that online poker rooms can provide players with all sorts of incentives. And, with so much to choose from, it’s great for poker fans. Not having to invest anything to win real cash is a fantastic incentive.

Freeroll tournaments can vary in  terms of whether there are any requirements to play. Our Exclusive Freeroll tournaments at Betsson/Betsafe Poker, Unibet and Winner Poker don’t require a deposit, and take place every Sunday. These Freerolls tournaments are exclusive to YourPokerDream players. Each poker room also offers their own Freeroll tournaments.

Meanwhile, others might require a small deposit of, for example, $10 or $20. However, even online poker rooms that do require a deposit to access Freeroll tournaments offer opportunities to earn free money. You can simply make a deposit to access a tournament, and then cash out your money without spending any of it. You do not have to play with the money you deposit if you don’t want to!

The fastest way to deposit at a poker room is by e-wallet providers Skrill or Neteller.

Note that YourPokerDream recommends playing a few hands on low limit tables in order to earn useful poker points. This then gives you access to Bonus Freeroll tournaments that feature sizeable prize pools, tournaments and more!

Winning cash without risk can be quite easy!

Free No-Deposit Bonus

The No Deposit Poker Bonus is one of the most celebrated bonuses in Online Poker. Everyone wants to receive free money with no effort. The number of providers that offer No Deposit bonuses is quite low, but YourPokerDream has offered great exclusive No Deposit Bonuses in the past, so keep checking in and keep your eyes peeled…

Free Money after a Deposit

Some online poker rooms offer their players free cash after they have made a deposit. Our partners Coral Poker, Party Poker and William Hill offer a Deposit Bonus of $10 to $20 for use at their tournament tables, while at Americas Cardroom you can receive up to $50 after a deposit of just $20.

First Deposit Bonus (FDB)

The most common online poker room bonus is the First Deposit Bonus (FDB) for new customers. Anyone who is new can register, make a deposit and automatically receive a set bonus amount from the provider. The size and mechanics of these bonuses varies by room.

What tends to happen with both No Deposit and First Deposit bonuses is that you don’t get it credited immediately. You might have to play a little and get the bonus credited in increments. Unlocking  first deposit bonuses is usually quite simple.

To see an overview of all our online poker partners who offer First Deposit Bonuses, click here.

FAQ Questions and Answers about Free Bonus

What is a No Deposit/Free Money Bonus?

A No Deposit Bonus describes a special cash bonus that players receive after creating a new poker account with certain online poker rooms. It is a real money cash bonus which is transferred to a player’s poker balance without their having had to make a deposit.

A Free Money Bonus is a real money bonus for a player who makes a small deposit. At Netbet, Coral Poker, PokerKing, Bwin or Party Poker a player who makes a $10 deposit can receive $20 in Free Poker Money.

At Americas Cardroom you can get $50 after a deposit of just $20. The money is generally deposited immediately into your poker balance and is instantly available to use at the tables. Remember that with these bonuses you can immediately cash out the money you initially deposited and play at the tables with just the free money.

How can I receive Free  Money?

It’s simple. Just register through YourPokerDream at one of the poker rooms offering the relevant bonus. It’s possible to get your hands on free money at many poker rooms, so we recommend trying a few rooms to quickly build a nice bankroll without investing money upfront. The only condition is that you do not have an existing poker account at the specific poker room. These offers are designed for new players, to enable them to play real money online poker without any risk.

Click the ‘Visit now’ Button of the poker room you want to try and you will be redirected there. You’ll benefit from many other exclusive extras through YourPokerDream.

Am I eligible for a No Deposit or Free Money Bonus?

Every player who does not have an existing player account at the participating poker rooms is eligible for a No Deposit or Free Money bonus.

How much Free Money can I get?

It depends on the poker rooms. Usually new players can get between $10 and $50 in free money, sometimes without needing to make a deposit! Often the free money offer is connected to a small deposit. For example, at Netbet, Bwin or Party Poker you need to deposit just $10 and you will get up to $25 cash added to your poker balance. At Americas Cardroom you can even get $50 Free Money after you have deposited just $20.

What are pending bonuses?

A pending bonus is a bonus which you will see in your cashier, but which has not been directly transferred to your balance yet. The bonus can be released in various stages (often $5 to $10 at a time) depending on the poker room.

For example, William Hill (WH) releases a bonus in $5 increments for every 350 WH points generated. If you have a bonus of $50 you would need to earn 3,500 WH points to release the complete bonus. Usually these bonuses come with a 1-3 month time restriction. If you do not earn the required WH points to release the total bonus amount, the offer will expire. First Deposit bonuses are very popular pending bonuses.

At almost all poker rooms every new player will receive a pending bonus of  between 100%-250% on their first deposit. Usually these bonuses are easy to release.

Why would a poker room or YourPokerDream give away free money?

Poker rooms offer special welcome bonuses as an incentive to attract players to their rooms rather than their competitors.

Why do poker rooms and YourPokerDream run Freeroll Tournaments?

Freerolls are a great way for online poker rooms to both bring in new players and thank loyal, existing players. It also helps players increase their bankroll while gaining experience for free!

Can I withdraw the money if I win at freeroll tournaments?

Of course!

Why do I need to make a deposit to gain access to Freeroll tournaments?

As we already explained, some Freeroll tournaments are restricted to players who’ve made a small deposit of $10 or $20, for example, at a poker room. For the sites this is an incentive for you to stick around and play more games in their room. But of course you can immediately cash out the money you deposit should you so desire!

Does it make sense to collect a few points to be able to play special Freerolls?

Of course! Many poker rooms give you access to Freerolls with very generous prize pools, while others offer tournament packages featuring all-inclusive trips. For the little time invested racking up points, it’s well it considering the benefits.

Can I apply for any bonuses with my existing account?

Nearly all of the listed bonuses are only for new registrants. If you already have an account at one of these sites, try out a new one to earn these bonuses!

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