2.000€ Bonus/35% Flat Rakeback

YourPokerDream BestPoker Rake Chase

About: BestPoker VIP Rake Chase
Eligible Players: All players with a tracked YPD Account.
Prizepool: €3,000
Participating poker rooms: BestPoker
Duration of the rake chase: PROMOTION TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED!!!

Promotion Procedure

Every game such as Cash game, Sit&Go tournaments, Heads Up or MTT tournaments will be calculated for our rake chase. There are different targets where a player can reach. Depending on the target you attain at the end of the month, you’re eligible to receive some extra cash. Every player can decide by himself the target he/she wants to reach. The points are always counted from the 01-30/31th of a month.

And that’s not all! Based on your activity in the next 2 months, you have the chance to receive some additional cash.

Important information: Only players who have no welcome bonus anymore can participate in this promotion. If your welcome bonus is cleared or expired, let us know, so that we can add you to our exclusive VIP Rake Chase.

Standard Payout Table

Rake/YPD Points Cash Prize
20.000 € 3.000
15.000 € 2.150
10.000 € 1.350
7.500 € 937,50
6.000 € 800
5.000 € 650
3.500 € 420
2.000 € 250
1.500 € 175
1.000 € 110
750 € 75
400 € 40
250 € 25
100 € 10
150 € 5

Month 2

Now every player has the chance to reach one of the targets once more. If a player reaches the same target as before, he/she is eligible to receive the normal cash price. At the first month let’s say a player reached the €400 target, he/she receives €40 cash. If the player reaches the same target in the second month, he/she receives €40 cash. If a player reaches a lower target, then he/she also just gets the normal price.

If a player manages to reach a higher target in the second month, he will receive some extra cash. Let’s say a player reached the €400 target, and also attained the €750 target in the second month, this means he/she is eligible to receive €80 cash. As an extra benefit; because he reached a higher target and received 2.5% extra from his last target, the player is eligible to get €10 because the player had a month before the €400 target. 2.5% from €400= €10. You can see how simple this process is, and it works with all targets in the same way.

Month 3

In the third month, if a player reaches the same target as the month before or a lower one, he/she receives the normal cash price alone. If the player manages to reach a higher target as the month before, he/she will receive an extra cash bonus with 2.5% value, based on the target he reached one month ago and, of course, the usual cash price for the third month.

Additional information: If a player manages to reach the same target for a minimum of three months in a row, we would pay him another cash price worth 2.5% in value. This means that if a player reached 3 months in a row – the 1k target which means €120 – we would pay him €75 extra cash for these 3 months.

Points Distribution

Points: for $1 Rake/Fees(SBR) = 1 YPD Point

You can find all your ypd points inside your YourPokerDream Account under “Overview”

If you would like to get more information about our VIP Rake Chase at BestPoker, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support via Live Chat or e-Mail.


All payments will take place in the following month up to the 10th day. Depending on the poker room the payment date may vary, e.g. it could be 2nd or 10th. All bonuses will usually be transferred directly to your player account.


· Published 12.08.2020 · last updated 16.03.2021