We are happy to announce that all players who have an existing player account or sign up a new one at GGPoker, which is affiliated with YourPokerDream, can now participate in an exclusive Rake Chase. If you do not have a player account at GGPoker or Natural8, you should create one to participate in our exclusive Rake Chase.

There are great cash prizes what means extra rakeback for you. Up to $ 7.500 cash are waiting for you. Set yourself a goal and reward yourself at the end of the month. Of course you still participate in all normal promotions from the gg network and you also receive a welcome bonus. Our exclusive rake chase is on the top and means extra cash for you!

Whether you are a beginner poker player or a high roller, every type of player is guaranteed to take home extra cash.

How does the Rake Chase work?

The process is very simple. all you have to do is to play at the virtual tables at GGPoker. Does not matter you play Cash Game Texas Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha, Spins or whatever. All variants are eligible for our exclusive rake chase and you earn points.

Important for our rake chase is your netrake! 1 YPD Point= 1$ Netrake

As you can see at the table below, there are different targets which you can reach. You have a full month from 01-30/31 to earn points for one goal. At the end of a month we will take a look which target you have reached and credit the cash bonus directly to your player account. Payouts are made between 05-15th of each month. All important information you will see inside your yourpokerdream account when you click to “Overview”.

Keep in mind that you have to use all Fish Buffet Spins always until max 30/31th of a month to receive extra cash from YourPokerDream! If you dont do it and save some spins you have no right to receive a payment.

You can see your current ypd points in your YPD player account and we update all data once a day.

Paytable Rake Chase

*Special VIP Deals on request ( vip@yourpokerdream.net or vip-yourpokerdream in skype)

IMPORTANT: All Natural8 players are currently excluded from this promotion because of some drastic changes from Natural8 side and participate instead in our 25k Main Rake Race.

YPD Points Value
25.000 50%(12.500$)
20.000 50%(10.000$)
15.000 50% (7.500$)
10.000 50% (5.000$)
7.500 50% (3.750$)
5.000 47,5%(2.375$)
3.500 45% (1.575$)
2.000 40% (800$)
1.500 37,5% (563,50$)
1.000 37,5% (375$)
750 35% (262,50$
500 35% (175$)
250 35% (87,50$)
100 30% (30$)
50 30% (15$)

How can i participate in the Rake Chase?

As already mentioned, all you need is a player account at GGPoker, which is tagged to YourPokerDream. Since this promotion is exclusive for the YourPokerDream Community, only our players are allowed to participate.

Important: All players who participate in our GG Network Rake Chase will be excluded from our 25k Main Rake Race and our King of the Road Promotion.

To correctly register your account with YourPokerDream please follow these steps:

  1. Deletes the cookies from your web browser (Does not force, but is better)
  2. Click on “Visit GGPoker” Button (see below)
  3. You will be redirected to the poker site where you need to register without to leave the page before the registration process is completed.
  4. Enter your GGPoker email into your YPD account in the empty field “GGPoker Username and press save”. If you do not have a YPD account then please create it HERE.

And that’s it. From then on everything will run automatically and you will take part in our exclusive Rake Chase and receive extra cash.

In case if you decide to play at GGPoker, use our bonus code: YPD when you register and you will have our special vip deal!

IMPORTANT: All Natural8 players are currently excluded from this promotion because of some drastic changes from Natural8 side and participate instead in our 25k Main Rake Race.

600$ Bonus/YPD VIP Deal

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