We are pleased to offer you a very special promotion, which is suitable for every type of player. Whether you are a beginner/casual poker player or an experienced poker shark, this promotion will bring you a few extra bucks.

Whether you play Texas Hold’em No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, Sit & Go tournaments, spins or MTT tournaments, all variants are eligible for our King of the Road Promotion.

Which YPD partner sites participate in this promotion?

These sites: PartyPoker, Bwin, BestPoker,GreySnowPoker and CoralPoker participate in our King of the Road Promotion. All you have to do to participate in this promotion is to create a new player account through our sign up links with one of our partner sites and send us the username.

Please note that only newly created player accounts are eligible for this promotion. Old existing player accounts are not eligible! If you have an old inactive player account at Party, Bwin or BestPoker which was not created via YPD, please contact our support, so that we can check if we can retag your account to us. If this is possible, you can also participate in this promotion.

How this promotion works and what I have to do to participate?

Step 1: Create a new player account through our sign up links at one of the partners listed above.

Step 2: Enter the username of the site you have chosen inside your YPD user account.

Step 3: Make a deposit and let’s go.

By playing at the tables of your choice, you collect YPD points and can achieve different targets that will bring you extra cash. 1 YPD equals 1 $ rake/fees. As soon as you have reached one of the various targets, the corresponding bonus will be credited to your YPD and sent with the next payouts either directly to your player account, or via Neteller and on request also via Bitcoin (BTC).

Info: This promotion applies to all new players from the day which the first deposit was made at one of our partners. Each player will have exactly one month to accomplish one or more of the goals listed below.

A player can participate only one month in this promotion! But is is possible to sign up at PartyPoker for example and participate one month in our king of the promotions and then to sign up in the next month at Natural8 for example and participate again in this promotion for one month. At the moment we have five sites who are eligible for our king of the road promotion.

The targets you need to reach

Target 1: You only need to earn 10 YPD points and receive a 5 $ cash bonus

Target 2: For 50 collected YPD points, there is again a $ 5 cash bonus

Target 3: It’s starting to get interesting now that once you’ve earned 250 YPD points, there’s another $ 25 cash bonus

Target 4: If you manage to earn 500 YPD points, we reward you again with $ 35 cash.

Target 5: If there are 1,000 collected YPD points, there will be another $ 50 cash

Target 6: And at the last target, you have to reach 2,500 YPD points and get another $ 180 cash

Achieve all the targets and you will receive a total of $ 300 extra!

Of course, you can also take part in our $ 25,000 Main Rake Raceif the site you are playing is included to our Main Rake Race. Players with a special VIP Flat Deal are excluded from this promotion.

Sign up at one of the following poker sites

325$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

500$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

2.000€ Bonus/35% Flat Rakeback+ Rake Chase

250$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

Up to 50% Rakeback/ YPD VIP Deal

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This offer is only for new customers who are at least 18 years old.
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