iPoker Rake Race $5.000

About the Promo: $5.000 iPoker Rake Race
Eligible players: All players with a tracked poker account at TitanPoker or CoralPoker
Leaderboard: Updated daily for the top 60 players.
Runtime:  01. –31. October 2019
Payment: Until the 20th day of the next month. The value of any cash prize cannot be higher than 20% of the generated rake/tournament fees.
Point distribution: 1$ Rake – 1 YPD Point

Promotion Procedure

This race is a normal rake race. Play at the tables and collect as many YourPokerDream points as possible. All of your games will be evaluated for the promo. It doesn’t matter if you play Cash Game, Sit&Go tournaments or MTT tournaments. Don’t lose time and secure great extra cash prices in our exclusive iPoker Race. This rake race was created only for YourPokerDream players who are tracked via YourPokerDream. All other players are not allowed to participate in this Rake Race.

Please note that the iPoker Network uses a special rake model (SBR), which controls how much rake/fees is counted for each player.

Example: You play regularly at William Hill Poker on the iPoker Network and you generated $ 1,000 in rake/fees. You had a very good run and made a lot of profit, took the money from the fish and cashed out several times. In this case, the network may only count 70% of your real generated rake, which in this example would be 700$ So the iPoker network is going to count 700$, which will be sent to William Hill Poker and as well to us. In this case, you would have collected 700 YPD points.

How much of your actually generated rake is counted nobody can say, as it depends on many factors. According to the iPoker guidelines it must be at least minimum 50% of the real generated rake. Only for MTT tournaments this SBR model will not be used and 1 $ rake/fees will stay 1 $.

If you have any further questions to our iPoker Rake Race, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team.

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· Published 30.09.2017 · last updated 14.01.2020

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