Get the best Sub-Affiliate deal for GGPoker with YourPokerDream

GGPoker has made incredible progress during the last couple of years, to the point that it is competing with PokerStars to be the world’s top online poker provider. To this end, GGPoker accepts players from the vast majority of countries around the globe.

Now, you might ask yourself what advantages a Sub-Affiliate Deal with YourPokerDream will bring you. On the one hand, it should be mentioned that GG itself accepts only large affiliates and in fact, rejects smaller websites. If you search the internet a little you will find some affiliates who also offer sub-affiliate deals for GGPoker. However, these deals cannot be compared with those of YourPokerDream. As one of GGNetworks’s top affiliates, we not only have the ability to offer the highest net revenue share deals out there, but also the best promotions and the best private tournaments.

As a sub-affiliate of YourPokerDream you can take advantage of our exclusive promotions and, if you wish, also integrate and promote them on your own website. Every month we have an exclusive 50.000$ Leaderboard, $6,000 in private tournaments, and a $1.500 MTT Leaderboard. Players and sub-affiliates connected to YourPokerDream have exclusive access to promotions.

If you wish, all your players will be excluded from our promotions and you will receive a higher commission from us and decide for yourself which promotions and incentives you offer your players. YourPokerDream offers flexible deals that are tailored to your needs and wishes!

Detailed statistics reports of your players

In your YPD account, you have access to a special affiliate area in which you can find all the statistics on your players. You can see the net rake, username, poker room and, of course, your commission. All data is updated daily. There is also the option of automatically uploading all the data to your site via our API.

What Sub-Affiliate Deals can I get from YPD?

We have a variety of deals and, in order to receive the best for you, you simply tell us how you generate traffic, from which countries and what types of players you are dealing with. Did you focus on professionals or more on recreational players? Do you want your players to use our promotions, incorporate them on your site, or do you want to get the highest possible deal and the full commission? All of these questions need to be discussed.

What we can guarantee is the most rewarding deal that cannot be found anywhere else!

Can you help my players to deposit/withdraw and offer transactions via an agent?

Yes, that’s possible!

How and when do I get paid?

Our sub-affiliates are paid between the 1st and 5th of each month. There are several options available here – if you can send us an invoice, we can pay you via bank transfer or PayPal. Without an invoice, the options are via BTC, ETH, or USDT, while directly to a GGPoker player account would also be possible.

Active sub-affiliates can receive payment weekly!

Does YourPokerDream provide me with banners and promotional material?

Of course!

Can Anyone Get a Sub-Affiliate Deal?

Theoretically, yes! However, we embark on co-operation only if it makes sense for both sides. A win-win situation must be created where everyone involved benefits and is satisfied.

Do I have access to Support at YPD?

Of course. A contact person is available to you via Skype, Discord, Telegram or e-mail, at least 14 hours a day.

Skype: vip-yourpokerdream


· Published 13.01.2022 · last updated 21.05.2023