Before online poker, of course, there was so-called ‘bricks & mortar’ live poker, and the boom that the game has enjoyed over the years since the online poker explosion has in turn seen a massive rise in popularity of the live game. In fact, the two now have a mutually beneficial connection, as people at some point in their career tend to eventually play (or at least try) both formats.

With this in mind, at YourPokerDream we’re aware that our community is made of poker fans generally. If you love live poker, the feel of actual cards and the atmosphere of live play, or you’ve yet to venture into a real-life poker room from the virtual surroundings you’re used to and would like to know more, then we cater for the live game, too. Visit our Live Poker section to find articles about interesting topics surrounding the bricks & mortar version.

Whether it’s appropriate behaviour at the table, the rules themselves, information about live tournaments and so on, just take a look around and you’ll find something interesting on the subject.

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Daniel Berger

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· Published 10.05.2019 · last updated 25.11.2020

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