Auch die großen Poker Spieler können Broke gehen

Also good players go very often broke

There are numerous articles on the Internet that address the issue of bankroll management. Why are there still so many players who manage their own bankroll so badly and even go broke at the end?

More than 50% of regular player go broke regularly. Anyone who thinks that every player who plays for several hours a day is automatically a good winning player is wrong.

In this article you will find 5 reasons why Regular Players go broke.

Poker players tend to overestimate themselves and can go broke

Most poker players think of themselves as being a better player than they really are. Many put the bad luck as a reason and claim they would be great winningplayer if they had not so much bad luck. Losses are caused by bad cards and other unfortunate situations. Especially after an upswing that lasts a little longer, many players lose the connection to reality and think they are better than they are. Higher limits are played, as one has the impression of being better than other players and therefore does not need such strict bankroll management. When the upswing is over and you come back to reality, all works really fast. Your own bankroll become smaller and smaller and since you still think you are a very good player, you do not want to go down and the predictable result is that you go to broke.

Too conservative bankroll management leads to go broke

When you run hot, you tend to relax the bankroll management a little. Especially poker beginners make this mistake very often, if it is going very well in the beginning and they can not judge themselves correctly. Many regulars do not know how brutal poker can be sometimes. It is of enormous importance to deal with the topic of variance in order to understand why a good winning player also needs a solid bankroll management in order to be successful in the long term.

Tilt can quickly lead to the Broke

It’s very easy to stick to bankroll management when everything goes according to plan and nothing special happens. But that changes when it comes to increased bad beats or longer downswings use scratching the nerves. In these phases, many players go on tilt and lose control. Higher limits are used to recover the losses faster, according to the motto “all or nothing”. In these phases, players dodge their A-Game and often destroy their bankroll in a single session.

The charm of a higher limit usually ends with Broke

No matter which limit you are on, it is always the attraction to ascend again. Especially with an upswing is the stimulus immediately ascend to the next higher limit very large. And especially in online poker, this goes very fast, as it is only a small click to move up to a higher limit. It should be compared to a normal job. Again, you do not rise within a few days or weeks to the manager. It takes some time and patience to work your way up. It’s no different with poker. You can always decide for yourself which limit you want to play, but you have to be aware of the danger that you are going to go to broke.

Bad habits at the Micro Limits lead to broke later

If you start on the micro limits, the players there are known to be very bad and therefore you do not need such a strict bankroll management. If you are more or less concerned with your own game and the basics, then you will be able to beat the micro limits relatively quickly and gradually ascend. This of course gets stuck in your head and you think it continues always this way, so that you can see the bankroll management looser. The truth, of course, looks very different. The higher you get the better the players, which automatically means that the variance is higher and you need a stronger bankroll.


We have now listed the key points why regulars can go broke. Being a very good poker player is not enough, even if the BRM is not right. In itself, the bankroll management is very simple and it is a matter of the mind. Get your head straight and nothing stands in the way of a successful poker career.

Incidentally, many well known poker players also say that they regularly go broke. To stay in the media, they lend themselves  money or can be stacked by other players. In fact, it is estimated that only 20% of all winning players have a solid bankroll management.

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