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The GG Network is changing the poker world!

GG (Good Game) Network, the western face of Asia’s largest poker network, has by far the largest pool of recreational players. With an occasionally dizzying array of features and promotions, even long time players won’t get bored with the action at GG.

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The GG Network offers a lot of unique features. With All-In Insurance you can protect your hand from bad beats, with their PokerCraft analysis tool you can polish up your game, and with Hand Moments you can turn to a social network to share your important hands and get expert feedback. Another cool feature is the Staking tournament, where you can buy a piece of your favorite player’s action or sell a piece of yourself.

Players who register before a tournament start can enjoy also the bubble protection because every player gets the buy-in back if he lose while the bubble phase.

GG offers the most popular poker variations including Texas Hold’em , Short Deck Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha, as well as unique poker games such as Fast Fold Poker (Rush&Cash) and All-in or Fold. From freeroll tournaments to high roller tournaments, from bounty hunters to Sunday majors, GG has an astounding range of options that cater to nearly everyone.

Also Spin & Go players will have a lot of fun because the gg network offers their own spin&go variant called spin&gold jackpot sng.

A major plus is the low rake (Only 3%) at all Cash Game Omaha and Short Deck Holdem tables , which sets the GG Network apart from the rest of the field.

As with all major online poker sites, GG offers the standard deposit and withdrawal methods such as Skrill, Neteller, all major credit cards and various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin( Only at Natural8 and GGPoker ). Deposits are always credited immediately and withdrawals are usually processed after a maximum of 24-48 hours.

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If you’re looking for a decent cashback deal in addition to soft tables, then the GG Network is perfect for you. In addition to a great VIP system which is called Fish Buffet, there are a variety of extra promotions in the form of rake races, chases and other promotions, which bring the player a lot of extra rakeback/cash.

Additionally, they run every month a lot of additional promotions which brings you extra cash.

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Traffic and Skill of the Players

The GG Network is one of the top 10 online poker sites/networks in the world. Considering that the network is one of the newer ones on the market, the rapid rise is phenomenal, and GG Poker Network is still growing.

You can find full tables of No Limit Hold’em and Omaha 247, and the tournaments are always bustling. One of the best things about the Good Game Network is the high number of recreational players from Asia. The player field here is considered one of the softest on the market.

Texas No Limit Hold’em

The Hold’em cash game tables are very popular at GG. The stakes start at $ 0.05/$ 0.10 and go up to $ 25/$ 50. It’s a bit of a surprise for a recreational poker site to have cash game stakes that start so high, but the minimum buy-in at the lowest stakes are only $1, so almost everyone gets the chance to join the action. All Hold’em cash games are 6-max and there is 5% rake on every pot of 2.5 big blinds or more.

Rush& Cash Fast Fold Poker

The GG Network has also an own fast fold poker variant. You will find almost 24/7 action at the tables. All players receive here as standard 65% rakeback. In addition, the GG network hosts several extra promotions for rush & cash players, which bring a lot of extra cash.

Of course YourPokerDream players get extra rakeback as usual.

Pot Limit Omaha

As with the Hold’em tables, the GG Network Pot-Limit Omaha tables range between $ 0.05/$ 0.10 and $ 25/$ 50, and they also have a minimum buy-in of $ 1 for the lowest limits. Omaha fans should note the incredibly low rake here. The rake at the Omaha Ring Games is only 3 percent per pot of more than 2.5 blinds.

Multi Table Tournaments

GG extends its creative streak to multi-table tournaments. Every day, they guarantee thousand of dollar with different multi tables tournaments. So far the gg network has one of the best mtt schedules on the market. If you are lucky enough to reach the final table of a tournament, you can unlock even more special features. You can choose your own place, you can gain extra time and you can arrange a deal.

Since May 2020 they are also a partner from the WSOP and host sometimes different exclusives wsop events like the WSOP Circuit or also the WSOP 2020 Online.

Spin& Gold Jackpot SNG

Enough traffic at all available Limits. Currently, GG offers 7 different buy ins: 0,20 Cent, 1$, 3$,  5$, 10$, 20$ and 50$.


The software has received many awards and is one of the best on the market. The sleek and modern design and the plethora of features are just a few reasons players and commentators love their site. The GG software runs smoothly and has great functionality for players who want to play at multiple tables at the same time (a real plus for grinders). Their desktop software works great on both Windows and Mac.

Mobile App

The mobile app is available for download on all devices. Their system is specially optimized for mobile and tablet play and it’s a pleasure to use this app on the go. The app is built from the ground up on fun and fairness. With a whole host of unique features, enhancements, and design solutions, the GG Mobile App is unlike any other on the market,


The GG Network offers a variety of promotions including several monthly Rake Races, regular freeroll tournaments, missions to fulfill and a great first deposit bonus. There are many tournaments with guaranteed prize pools offered. Overall, GG’s promotions are numerous and creatively designed, breaking out of the mold of other Poker Networks.

Other Information

The GGPoker network uses a model called PVI Contribution (Player Value Index) to calculate rake. Similar to the iPoker Network or Microgaming Network (MPN) That means that the network is not counting 100% of the real generated rake for all the skins and affiliates. For a very good winning player, in the worst case, it may end up with only 60-70% of the real generated rake at the table. The rest is retained by the GGPoker network, lumping it together to improve the network, launch attractive promotions and also for marketing so that new players keep coming and the network continues to grow.

Unfortunately, no one can do anything about it, no skin/affiliate is protected and everyone has this rule because it comes from the gg network

That may sound negative at first, but if you think long term, keep in mind that the playing field is incredibly soft, which increases your own win rate and there are many great promotions that really bring extra cash, as well as a super modern software, then you see whole already a little different. In addition, as already mentioned, nothing unusual for a poker network.

Important: In tournamentsas well as All-in or Fold no PVI is used. Only at the normal cash game tables or the spin&gold sng the network use PVI. For MTT tournaments, and All-in or Fold (AoF), 100% of the rake actually generated is normally counted.


The GG  Network is growing exponentially for good reason. Stable modern software, low rake, and a very soft player field due to the large number of asian players bring the competition flocking. In addition, there are a variety of great promotions and very high rakeback deals. Up to 100% rakeback is possible!

Whether you’re a beginner or poker pro, the GG Network is a great choice!


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