Neteller vs. Skrill in 2024

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Neteller vs. Skrill
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Read our detailed comparison between Skrill and Neteller

About Skrill

Skrill has been in operation since 2001 and the very name is associated with quick, simple and secure services. The company operates in around 200 countries worldwide, with a global workforce of more than 500 employees and 30 nationalities.

Skrill is owned by PaySafe Group Plc. The company has been regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under Electronic Money Regulations, and works hand-in-hand with PaySafe Financial Services Limited and Wirecard Solutions to issue their Skrill Prepaid MasterCard.

The Skrill MasterCard gives you instant access to your money and your account, the flexibility to pay for goods and services at stores and other businesses, as well as online, plus access to ATMs around the world where MasterCard is accepted.

Skrill is the world-leader in developing global payment solutions for both business and pleasure, whether it’s a matter of depositing funds on a gaming site, buying online or sending money to family and friends. Skrill also meets the needs of businesses worldwide, helping them build a global customer base and to drive growth.

Whether you want to make sports bets, play poker, trade, play at online casinos, send money to friends or just use a MasterCard, Skrill is a must-have in these times when sending and receiving money quickly and securely is so important.

As a customer, you enjoy a 24/7 support by phone and email, in numerous languages, while the website is available in 12 languages.

Important: As a YourPokerDream user you have the possibility to take advantage of some exclusive offers by creating your Skrill account via our site. All you need to do is click on SIGN UP FOR YOUR SKRILL ACCOUNT and you will be forwarded directly to Skrill, where you can open your new account.  Do not forget to inform us once you have signed up through us at Skrill so that we can provide you with exclusive extras! You can do this by simply registering a free YourPokerDream Account HERE and including your Skrill Email address. Then you’re good to go!

About Neteller

Neteller has been in operation for over a decade and is known for providing great services in the e-wallet industry. The company is widely used by forex traders and online gaming enthusiasts across the globe, with a presence in around 200 countries.

Neteller is owned by Paysafe Financial Services Limited, which is a subsidiary of Paysafe Group Plc. They have been regulated to offer Electronic Money transactions by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. Thanks to their anti-money laundering protocols, customers need not worry about third party hackers.

With a truly international Money Transfer service that serves more than 200 countries and supports 22 currencies, Neteller enables you to send money almost anywhere in the world with automatic currency conversion. If you use the Neteller Money Transfer service, other Neteller members around the world can accept the money instantly, as long as they have already a Neteller account. If not it takes just a few seconds to join Neteller.

You need only the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number to send them money, even if they don’t yet have an account.

When you send money through the Neteller Money Transfer service, you’re protecting yourself with industry-leading secure payment systems.

As a UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorized company, NETELLER holds 100% of your account balance in trust accounts, which means your money is always there when you need it, as well as being perfectly secure.

Neteller members receive exclusive access to some of the best promotions in the business. Many well-known companies work with them to create fantastic offers, and you can take advantage  of exclusive bonuses if you deposit or pay for something with Neteller. Join the Reward Points Programme to earn points every time you move money in or out of your account, then redeem your points for cash! You also earn points when using your Neteller Master Card.

Neteller also offers a very interesting VIP programme for even more extras.

Every member can apply for the free Master Card. The Net+ plastic card lets you spend your money anywhere Mastercard® is accepted, thus safeguarding your bank account and other personal information. Chip & Pin technology has become a global standard for debit and credit cards, and for good reason. Combining a “smart” chip and personal identification number means your prepaid Mastercard is protected like any standard credit card with Chip & Pin technology.

The Neteller Master Card allows you to have always access to your balance and it looks like a really one. You can rent a car with it, go shopping and all you want.

The Neteller site (available in 16 languages) has 24/7 Customer Support.

Whether you want to make sports bets, play poker, practice trading, play at online casinos, send money to friends and family or just use a cool Master Card, Neteller is a must-have in an age when we need to be able to send and receive money quickly.

Important: As a YourPokerDream user you can have access to exclusive offers by simply creating your Neteller account via our site. All that you have to do is click on “SIGN UP FOR YOUR NETELLER ACCOUNT” and you will be forwarded directly to Neteller, where you can open your new account. To make sure that you receive these extras, don’t forget to inform us after you have signed up through us at Neteller. That’s it!

Neteller vs. Skrill: Deposit Fees

Payment Method Neteller Fees Skrill Fees
Bitcoin 2.5% 1%
Rapid Transfer 1% 1%
Bank Transfer 0-1% 0%
Trustly 2.5% 1%
Klarna 2.5% 1%
Skrill/Neteller 3,49% 1%
Visa 2.5% 1.25%
Euteller 2.5%  –
eps 2.5%  –
PaySafeCard 2.5% 5%
American Express/Dinners Club 1%
Neosurf 2.5%

Note that Neteller has more deposit options compared to Skrill, but we have just highlighted those methods that compare to Skrill for better and clearer comparison. If you would like to know more about the additional deposit methods with Neteller, visit the transaction fees page for more info.

As a VIP member, all your fees are much lower, while your limits are automatically much higher with your Skrill or Neteller Master Card. It’s certainly worth being a VIP!

Additional Fees/Limits

Additional Fees/Limits Neteller Skrill
Withdrawal Balance to Credit Card 7.50% 7.50%
Withdrawal Balance to Bank account €8 €5.50
Deposit Money (Poker, Casino, Sport, Forex) Free Free
Receive Money Free Free
Money Transfer to another member 1.45% (No Fees for VIPs) 2.99% (No Fees for VIPs)
Currency Conversation 3.99% (Lower Fees for VIPs) 3.99% (Lower Fees for VIPs)
ATM Fee (worldwide) 1.75% (Lower Fees for VIPs) 1.75% (No Fees for VIPs)
Shopping Fee Free Free
Fee to order the Mastercard (Once) Free €10
Daily Shopping Limit Mastercard €2,700 (VIPs up to €10,000) €1,000 (VIPs up to €10,000)
Cash Withdrawal every 24h ATM €900 (VIPs up to €3,500) €250 (VIPs up to €5,000)
MasterCard Validation 36 months 36 months
Available Currencies with MasterCard EUR, USD, GBP, CAD, SEK, DKK, AUD, JPY EUR, USD, GBP, PLN
Virtual MasterCard Free Not available
Fees for not using the account Unused for 14 months: €1.80 per month Unused for 12 months: €1 per month

Please note: You need to keep using your Neteller or Skrill account (maintaining activity for 12-14 months) or you will be charged an administrative fee.

The Difference on the VIP Program levels

Neteller VIP System

VIP Status Silver Gold Diamond Exclusive
Transfer Volume(Quarter) 15,000$ 45,000$ 150,000$ 600,000$
Dedicated 24/7 VIP care yes yes yes yes
Dedicated VIP Manager No yes yes yes
Discounted deposits & withdrawals* No yes yes yes
Daily ATM Limit 900 € 3.000 € 3.000 € 3.000 €
ATM withdrawal fee 1,75% 6 USD 6 USD 6 USD
FX Fees 3,19% 2,79% 2,39% 1,29%
Free Money transfer yes yes yes yes
Free Net+ Card Shipping Fees yes yes yes yes
Crypto Buy/Sell Transactions €/$ 1,50% 1,50% 1,50% 1,50%
Crypto Buy/Sell Transactions other currencies 3% 3% 3% 3%

Skrill VIP System

VIP Status Silver Gold Diamond
Transfer Volume/Quarter) 15.000,00 € 45.000,00 € 90.000 €
Dedicated 24/7 VIP care yes yes yes
Dedicated VIP Manager No yes yes
Priority bank uploads yes yes yes
Bank withdrawal fees No Fees No Fees No Fees
Send money fee cap Zero Zero Zero
FX Fees 2,89% 2,59% 1,99%
Free Money transfer yes yes yes
Skrill Prepaid Card Free Free Free
Multi-currency account 1 account 2 accounts  3 accounts
Author: YPD
last updated 09.01.2024