Who is BlackChipPoker?

BlackChipPoker was established in 2008. Initially, it was part of the Merge Gaming Network, which was a prominent network serving players worldwide. However, in 2012, BlackChipPoker migrated to the Winning Poker Network (WPN), where it remains as of 2021.

The Winning Poker Network has a rich history dating back to 2001, when it was founded under the name Yatahay Network. It was one of the few networks that continued to serve U.S. players after the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was passed in 2006 in the United States, and after the significant event known as “Black Friday” in 2011, when major poker sites were shut down by U.S. authorities.

BlackChipPoker, along with other WPN sites, is known for accepting cryptocurrency deposits, with Bitcoin being the most popular. The network has been a trailblazer in this area, accepting over 60 different cryptocurrencies for deposit and withdrawal.

They also have run some of the most significant online poker tournaments accessible to U.S. players. The Online Super Series (OSS) and the Venom tournament are two such examples, with multi-million-dollar prize pools that attract a large number of players.

BlackChipPoker is based in Costa Rica and is part of the Winning Poker Network also known as WPN. The Winning Poker Network is one of the 5 largest poker networks in the world. The main feature of the network is that 75% of the players are from the US, which means that this is where you will find the most action during peak times in the US. The WPN network has grown a lot in the last few years and is one of the most growing poker networks in the world.

Due to the many US players, you will of course find plenty of tables running late at night. There are a variety of interesting promotions and for grinders also great rakeback offers.

What makes BlackChipPoker so
unique and what games do they offer?

There are currently over 6.3 million registered players at BlackChipPoker and approximately 246,000 hands are played per day. So you’ll find a diverse player pool of beginners and pros. However, the gaming experience is designed to benefit and reward every player, whether a beginner or a seasoned pro.

Major tournaments and satellites: BlackChipPoker regularly hosts major tournaments and satellites where players have the chance to qualify for major live events, such as the World Series of Poker or the European Poker Tour.

BlackChipPoker offers a wide range of poker games, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud and many others. Players also have the opportunity to play at different tables with different limits and compete in various tournaments.

Player strength and number of players

The player strength at BlackChipPoker varies depending on the game mode, tournament and time of the day.

As a rule, the players on this platform are experienced and have already gained some experience in playing poker. However, there are also many beginners who want to try their luck and improve their skills. The player strength also depends on the game variant. For example, in Texas Hold’em there are many experienced players, while in Omaha there are more beginners.

The number of players at BlackChipPoker depends on the time of day and the game mode. During peak hours you can find hundreds of players at the tables, while in the early morning hours the number of players is a bit smaller. Most tables have room for six to ten players, although there are also tables for heads-up and multi-table tournaments, where up to several thousand players can participate at the same time.

Spin&Go / Jackpot Poker

BlackChipPoker offers exciting Spin & Go Jackpot tournaments, which provide a thrilling and fast-paced poker variant. These tournaments are popular because they give players the opportunity to win large prizes in a short amount of time.

In Spin & Go Jackpot tournaments, typically three players compete against each other in a hyper-turbo format. What makes these tournaments special is that the prize pool is determined randomly, and the winner has the potential to win a massive jackpot.

The prize pools in Spin & Go Jackpot tournaments can reach up to thousands or even millions of times the buy-in. The exact amount of the prize pool is determined before the tournament starts by spinning a virtual wheel of fortune. The possible prizes range from smaller cash amounts to life-changing payouts.

Spin & Go Jackpot tournaments at BlackChipPoker offer players the opportunity to achieve big winnings in a short period of time while enjoying the exciting and fast-paced gameplay. It’s an exhilarating poker experience where every player has the chance to multiply their investment several times over and hit the jackpot.

BlackChipPoker Bonus, Bonuscode 2024 and Promotions

BlackChipPoker offers its players various bonuses, bonus codes and promotions to enhance the gaming experience and provide players with more incentives to play at the tables.

One of the most popular bonuses at BlackChipPoker is the welcome bonus for new players. This bonus is available for players who make their first deposit on the platform and offers 100% on the first deposit up to $2000 as bonus money. In order to receive this bonus, players need to enter a specific bonus code that is published on BlackChipPoker’s website.

In addition to the welcome bonus, BlackChipPoker also offers regular reload bonuses that allow players to receive additional bonus money when they make another deposit. As with the welcome bonus, players need a special bonus code to receive this bonus.

BlackChipPoker also offers various promotions that give players a chance to win extra cash and other prizes. These promotions can be found on the BlackChipPoker website and change frequently to always offer players something new.

In addition to these bonuses and promotions, BlackChipPoker also offers a loyalty program that gives players points for playing real money games. These points can then be exchanged for various rewards, such as freerolls and bonus money.

Player protection and security at BlackChipPoker

BlackChipPoker uses a certified and audited Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure consistently random results. This technology is the industry standard for ensuring the fairness of online gaming.

As part of the Winning Poker Network, BlackChipPoker maintains segregated accounts for player funds. This means that players’ money is kept separate from the site’s operational funds, which is a best practice for ensuring that player deposits and winnings are secure.

The platform employs advanced encryption methods to protect the privacy and integrity of player information. Personal details and financial transactions are encrypted to prevent unauthorized access and maintain confidentiality.

BlackChipPoker has mechanisms in place to detect and prevent collusion and other forms of cheating. These include sophisticated algorithms and a dedicated security team that monitors gameplay for irregular patterns.

BlackChipPoker has measures in place to promote responsible gaming and help prevent problem gambling. These include setting deposit limits and self-exclusion options for players who need to take a break from gaming.

BlackChipPoker Rakeback 

BlackChipPoker offers its players an attractive rakeback program, allowing them to receive a portion of the paid rake back. The rake is the fee deducted from each pot that players win in cash games or tournaments.

BlackChipPoker’s in-house VIP system and rakeback program allow loyal players to receive up to 65% rakeback, which is among the highest in the industry. Additionally, there are monthly promotions, such as the weekly rake races, which provide even more cash or rakeback.

For players at lower limits who generate less rake, there is also the option to choose the 27% flat rakeback deal, which is a great opportunity, especially for beginners.

All players automatically participate in the regular VIP system and promotions, which we recommend to active players who consistently play. If you are playing on the micro limits and only occasionally visit the virtual tables, you can contact BCP support via email and request to be enrolled in the 27% flat rakeback deal.

Extra BlackChip Poker Rakeback from YourPokerDream

YourPokerDream offers you extra rakeback through our 2000$ WPN Rake Chase and also special VIP deals can be arranged with us. Please note that this only applies to players who participate in BlackChipPoker’s regular Elite VIP program. Players who choose the 27% flat rakeback deal are excluded from our 2000$ WPN Rake Chase and cannot arrange a VIP deal.

BlackChipPoker Cash Games


Sit & Go tournaments: Sit & Go tournaments are fast-paced, one-table tournaments where a fixed number of players play for a prize pool. These tournaments start as soon as enough players have signed up and can be offered in different formats such as Single Table, Multi Table and Turbo.

Multi-Table Tournaments: Multi-table tournaments are the largest tournaments on BlackChipPoker and offer the chance to win massive prize pools. These tournaments have multiple tables and can run for several days. Some of the most popular multi-table tournaments on BlackChipPoker are the Sunday Special, the High Roller and the Million Dollar Sunday.

Satellite Tournaments: Satellite tournaments offer players the opportunity to qualify for larger tournaments with higher buy-ins. These tournaments usually have a lower buy-in than the actual tournament and offer players the chance to win their ticket at a fraction of the price.

Freeroll Tournaments: Freeroll tournaments are free tournaments that allow players to play for a prize pool with no buy-in. These tournaments are a great way for beginners to improve their skills and gain experience without risking their own money.

Knockout Tournaments: Knockout tournaments offer players the chance to win extra money by knocking other players out of the tournament. Each player has a bounty prize that other players can win by eliminating them.

BlackChipPoker Software

BlackChipPoker software is a user-friendly and well-designed poker platform that offers players a fun and smooth experience. The software is easy to install and runs smoothly on most popular operating systems such as Windows and Mac.

The user interface of BlackChipPoker is simple and intuitively designed so that players can quickly and easily use the various features of the software. The lobby is clear and provides quick access to all available games and tournaments, as well as player statistics and other important information.

BlackChipPoker also offers a variety of features that enhance the gaming experience, such as the ability to create your own table names and images, as well as choose different table and card designs. The software also offers a full hand history and analysis feature that allows players to improve their game strategy and optimize their skills.

Another highlight of the BlackChipPoker software is the mobile app, which allows players to access their favorite games from anywhere. The app is easy to use and offers seamless integration with the desktop version of the software.

Mobile App

BlackChipPoker mobile app is a user-friendly and well-designed poker app that allows players to access their favorite games from anywhere. The app is available for iOS and Android devices and is free to download.

It is easy to use and offers seamless integration with the desktop version of the software. Players can quickly and easily access their account information, make deposits and withdrawals, and check their game history and statistics.

Moreover, it is also very secure and offers 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure the privacy and security of player data.

To sum up, BlackChipPoker mobile app is an excellent choice for online poker players who want to play on the go. With a wide range of games and tournaments, as well as various features to enhance the player’s experience, the app offers everything you would expect from a modern online poker platform.

Deposits and withdrawals

BlackChipPoker offers a range of deposit and withdrawal options to make it easy and convenient for players to fund their accounts and withdraw their winnings. The exact deposit and withdrawal methods may vary depending on location, but some of the most popular options include:


  • E-wallets (LuxonPay)
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies


  • E-wallets (LuxonPay)
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

To make a deposit or withdrawal at BlackChipPoker, simply log into your account and visit the cashier section. From there, you can select your preferred payment method and follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

BCP also offers fast and reliable processing times for deposits and withdrawals, with most transactions processed within a few hours. However, the exact processing time may vary depending on the payment method and other factors.

HUD and Special Software Tools

BlackChipPoker supports the use of HUDs and offers seamless integration with many popular HUD software providers such as PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager. These tools help players better understand their opponents and improve their gameplay strategy by providing detailed information about their opponents’ playing habits and tendencies.

In addition to HUDs, BlackChipPoker also offers special software tools that help players improve their gameplay strategy and optimize their skills. Some of these tools include:

  1. ICMIZER: ICMIZER is a powerful tool for calculating Independent Chip Model (ICM) decisions, which helps players improve their push/fold gameplay strategy.
  2. Leak Buster: Leak Buster is a tool for analyzing gameplay and strategies, which helps players identify and improve their gameplay weaknesses.
  3. Flopzilla: Flopzilla is a powerful tool for analyzing flop situations, which helps players optimize their hand ranges and gameplay strategy on the flop.
  4. GTO+, Simple Postflop, and PioSolver: These tools are excellent options for advanced players who want to explore Game Theory Optimal (GTO) gameplay strategies and solver analyses.

Rake calculation 

At BlackChipPoker, rake calculation is done using the Weighted Contributed Rake model. This means that the rake is calculated based on the player’s percentage share of the pot.

In cash games, the rake is calculated as 5% of the pot up to a certain maximum amount. The maximum amount varies depending on the game and stake level and is published on the BlackChipPoker website. If the pot does not reach a certain size, no rake is calculated.

In tournaments, the rake is calculated as a percentage of the tournament fee. The amount of the rake varies depending on the tournament and is indicated on the BlackChipPoker website. The rake is deducted from the buy-in and the remaining amount goes into the prize pool.

In Sit & Go tournaments, the rake is calculated as 10% of the buy-in. The amount of the rake may vary depending on the tournament and can also be found on the BlackChipPoker website.

FAQ BlackChipPoker

It’s not surprising that, given the increasing popularity of BlackChipPoker – especially in recent years – we receive many questions about this exciting poker room. In this BlackChipPoker FAQ, we will answer the most frequently asked questions that players ask us at YourPokerDream. If you have other questions, we are always here to help and happy to assist you!

BlackChipPoker is part of the Winning Poker (WPN) network, one of the largest poker networks, and has been around since 2001. WPN has evolved into one of the leading providers in the world over the past 20 years, with a player pool of several thousand players. BlackChipPoker, as part of this network, is a very good and safe choice for poker players from all over the world.

Here you can find some of the highest Rakeback deals in the industry. In addition to the regular VIP system, you can also receive a lot more Rakeback through YPD’s exclusive VIP deals and promotions.

BlackChipPoker accepts players from both the UK and the USA.

No, that is not allowed. If you attempt to open a second account, your account will be blocked and your funds will be confiscated.

Using a HUD while playing is allowed, as well as other tools. However, there are some that are on the blacklist, so it is advisable to contact support beforehand to avoid any issues.

You can actually find tables running around the clock, especially for cash games. But the most action definitely happens when it gets dark in the US, as more than 50% of WPN’s player pool consists of American players.

The focus is on cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, or USDT. Depending on the country of origin, there are also various e-wallets available such as LuxonPay, ecoPayz, Skrill, or Neteller.


In general, BlackChipPoker is a good choice. There are enough players online, and the player pool is very soft due to the many US players.

As a part of the Winning Poker Network, BlackChipPoker has substantial player traffic, ensuring that there’s typically a game available at any time of the day or night. This applies to a variety of game types and stakes, which is a crucial factor for serious and casual poker players alike.

BlackChipPoker is known for its broad support for cryptocurrencies, accepting over 60 different ones for deposit and withdrawal. If you’re a fan of cryptocurrencies, this could be a big plus.

With frequent tournaments offering substantial prize pools, such as the Online Super Series (OSS) and the Venom tournament, there are plenty of opportunities for players to test their skills and potentially win big.

With robust measures in place to ensure game fairness, financial security, and player privacy, you can feel confident that you’re playing in a safe and secure environment.

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last updated 07.03.2024