Argentina, a country celebrated for its vibrant history and culture, has witnessed an increasing enthusiasm for online poker. Among the leading Poker Sites for Argentine players in 2024 are GGPoker,PokerStars and WPTGlobal. These sites have made significant inroads in the nation’s gaming community. A question might arise: is online poker playable in Argentina? Join us as we dive into Argentina’s blossoming gambling landscape.

Best poker sites for Argentina players 2024

Play Cash Game Poker is well established in Argentina. It is understandable that there are lots of poker rooms that accept players from Argentina The goal of this page is to showcase the best provides, with the best bonuses, promotions, and rakeback deals.

That’s not all. We have also added essential details on top-notch poker sites and the less-performing ones in Argentina, especially when it comes to software, traffic, competition, bonuses, and rakeback. It is essential to know about the best poker sites to maximize your profits.

Our recommendation is definitely our partner site: GGPoker, because of the many casual players from Asia and the fantastic rakeback deal/promotions.

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FAQ Poker Sites Argentinia

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It depends on the poker site. Usually, all sites accept Visa and MasterCard, bank transfer, the e-wallets neteller, skrill, ecoPayz and some even Paypal. Also Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are at some sites available as payment option.

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While Argentina doesn’t have major nationwide online poker platforms, certain provinces have licensed local platforms. Many international poker sites also cater to Argentinian players and accept them without restrictions.

Some international poker sites allow deposits and play in Argentine Pesos (ARS). However, many will require currency conversion to USD, EUR, or other major currencies. Always verify the currency options on your chosen platform.

Yes, Argentina has been a venue for various prestigious live poker tournaments. Buenos Aires, the capital, often hosts significant events attracting both national and international players

Legal situation and gambling law in Argentinia

Argentina has a federal system, with its 23 provinces and the autonomous city of Buenos Aires governing their own gaming and gambling. This means the legal situation can vary across regions.

In 2019, Buenos Aires legalized online gambling, including poker. Many operators now seek licenses there. Other provinces like Misiones and Neuquén have also licensed online gambling. Before these regulations, many Argentinians used offshore poker sites due to unclear federal rules. Though there’s been talk of a national online gambling framework, as of 2022, nothing unified is in place; it remains a provincial matter.

There’s recognition of the revenue benefits from regulated online gambling, possibly leading more provinces to regulate. It also means safer gaming.


Gambling operators face licensing and taxes, but player taxation varies by province. Some might tax big winnings or professional players.

Other Forms of Gambling: Beyond online poker, Argentinians enjoy sports betting, casinos, and horse racing, all regulated differently throughout the country.

For anyone thinking of online poker in Argentina or a related venture, consulting local legal experts and reviewing province-specific rules is vital. Things might have changed over time, so updated information is essential.

Author: YPD-Admin
last updated 09.01.2024