Every Poker journey starts with a single step…

New and in experienced players will come across a multitude of golden rules and key words as they continue their path to improvement, but perhaps the least appreciated is a rather fundamental element – namely Patience.

It’s ironic that one of the initial attractions of poker – the possibility of earning money in a short space of time (even a few minutes) – can become a handicap in itself. This is because the lure of ‘easy’ money has a habit of causing us to lose focus and, with it, patience.

Of course, there’s no such thing as easy money, and nor is it possible to cut corners as we progress along the aforementioned path. In fact it pays to observe and take in as much as we can as we go, cumulatively adding to an ever-growing database.

Poker has the advantage of being fun to learn

To this end, we add numerous articles to our Strategy section at YourPokerDream specifically with beginners in mind. Initially the whole learning experience can seem rather daunting because, simply, there’s so much going on in poker, with each hand being different to the next. But poker fans have the advantage that, unlike tennis or golf, for example, where much of the practising literally involves hitting a ball in exactly the same manner over and over for an hour, learning about the ins and outs of poker is actually an interesting exercise. Indeed, the natural way forward is to want to know more, to soak up everything from the interesting numbers side of the game to the intrigue of poker psychology.

So, even if you’ve never played a hand of poker in your life, or you’ve just started with online poker after playing only with your friends and family at home, without having otherwise given the game any thought in terms of strategy, you’ll find plenty of food for thought in our Beginner Strategy pages. Note that this isn’t to say our other articles wont be of any help – when we say patience is so important it’s more in terms of not trying to run before you can walk rather than limiting your scope of learning. We suggest you start off with some of the more fundamental aspects of the game and carry on accordingly with whatever you feel comfortable with.

Have fun!

last updated 14.12.2023