We’re in a cash game in the cut-off position, with opponents in the Big Blind, Middle position, and Button. After the Flop showed 2 7 Q, missing our JT suited, everyone checks. We also check, but the Button bets. The others fold, we fold too, and the Button collects chips. This is a common online poker situation, yet it’s a missed opportunity.

Poker Stealing

Chips in an uncontested pot should be seen as opportunities. In the game, our goal is to increase our stack at the expense of others. Revisiting the earlier situation, if we had bet first instead of the Button, they’d likely fold due to not connecting with the Flop and not having a pair. The Button’s fold would be followed by the Big Blind and the other player. Our cards didn’t matter here; we used position, previous actions, and the Flop. By betting, we stopped the Button from a potential steal, and with them out, the rest followed. If we were against just the Big Blind, we’d have an advantageous position. Position matters. If we were in the Middle position, the scenario would change as we’d act first, which isn’t desired.

Exploit modern habits

Online poker allows for numerous hands compared to traditional card rooms. Fast-fold tables speed up the process, letting players fold and move on quickly. Knowing many players fold hands they deem weak, we can watch for stealing opportunities. Even if the Flop doesn’t favor us, frequent successful steals benefit us. In fast-fold games, while most are eager to move on, we can stay for potential steals. Often, it’s just us and the Big Blind who might defend against our play. In this scenario, we maintain position.

Conclusion of stealing

Our opponents need a valid reason to stay in a hand. Their hesitation or average hands can be our stealing chances. We should exploit this mindset, often taking pots with minimal resistance.

Happy stealing!

Author: AngusD
last updated 18.09.2023