Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) or just Omaha is now the second most played poker variant worldwide (after Texas Hold’em), with its popularity on the rise. Omaha’s hallmark is the number of hole cards; each player gets four at the start instead of just two as in Texas Hold’em. The hand plays similar to Texas Hold’em with flop, turn, river, and five community cards to choose from.

Pot-Limit Omaha is popular for its aggressive gameplay, attracting plenty of eager gamblers. Many players switch between variants and make mistakes in Pot Limit Omaha due to difficulty adjusting to differences between the two. In Omaha poker, each player gets two more hole cards compared to Texas Hold’em, increasing chances of hitting the flop and enticing many players to continue with almost every hand. An overplaying hand is common among Omaha beginners and often costs new players money.

Below is a list of our partner poker sites suitable for playing Pot Limit Omaha.

The best online poker sites to play Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) in 2024

GGPoker or Natural8 from GGPoker Network are the perfect poker sites to play Pot Limit Omaha Poker online. With plenty of players at all limits, a large casual player pool, a great Rakeback deal, and numerous promotions, either GGNetwork skin could be your Omaha home.

But Pokerking or BlackChipPoker from the US-friendly Winning Poker Network is also an option for players who like to play Pot Limit Omaha. Keep in mind the poker sites of this network are mainly focused on cryptocurrencies as payment options and additional LuxonPay as E-Wallet.

PokerStars as one of the most famous and oldest poker rooms in the world, should not be missing here. Whether playing micro stakes at $0.05/$0.10 or high roller tables at $200/$400 blinds, action is always waiting. PokerStars should be on your radar.

For micro stakes beginners, we recommend WPTGlobal. This applies only to micro stakes as higher-limit Omaha traffic is virtually non-existent, making consistent games hard to find. Up to $0.25/$0.50 stakes, you’ll find some tables, and for one or two tables, there are decent options. For higher limits, games typically run only during peak times, so these poker sites make sense mainly for lower-limit players.

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Differences between Pot Limit Omaha and No-Limit Hold’em

A key difference between PLO and NLHE is the prefix: ‘Pot-Limit’ – bets can’t exceed pot amount. An obvious difference – and why PLO attracts many players – is that players are dealt four hole cards instead of two. This alters strategy significantly.

You must use exactly two out of four cards dealt to make the best five card hand with three community cards. This is mandatory. In other words, with four spades in the middle, you have no flush with only the ace of spades – you’d need a second spade card.

With four instead of two hole cards, more combinations are possible, and hand strength rises – but remember, this also applies to opponents!

These substantial differences mean that PLO offers different dynamics compared to NLHE. Pre-flop ranges look very different in PLO, and professionals rightly call this variant ‘post-flop game’. Note that you must acquire new understanding of nuances and differences as well as different mindset to become strong PLO player.

More tips for Pot Limit players

Many players, especially from Texas Hold’em background, often struggle with sheer number of different starting hands and then determining hand strength. For instance, while three or four of a kind pre-flop (or two pair) may appear great, that’s not necessarily the case. When determining your final hand, you can use only two of your initial four cards in Omaha. This is why two pair, three of a kind or even four cards of same suit might be worse than many other hands.

Since each player starts with four cards, chances of hitting good hand on flop are higher compared to regular Hold’em games where players start with only two hole cards. Omaha is sometimes called “game of nuts” — not just due to wild action. In most cases, flush, straight or other high-value combo might be needed to win hand. That’s why it’s important in Pot Limit Omaha to focus on strong starting hands and consistently fold hands that could lead to trouble.

Good Omaha Pot Limit starting hands

An example of good starting hand might be pair of aces with another high pair. Combination of several high-value cards including either pair or two cards of same suit is another one worth playing. There are 5,277 possible combinations in Omaha poker based on standard 52 card deck — quite lot! With so many possibilities, mastering all is challenging, but with practice and study, you can grasp different probabilities and turn Omaha into profitable game. There is less bluffing in Omaha compared to Texas Holdem, so strong understanding of game, especially starting hand strength, is essential for success.

Omaha rakeback on top online poker sites

Because of great action, Pot Limit Omaha generates much rake, and good rakeback deal is crucial for any Omaha player’s profit quest. You will find best and highest Omaha rakeback deals at YourPokerDream.com.

Omaha FAQ

Do not play a 4-card version of Hold’em

It’s easy for players used to only thinking in NLH mode to underestimate the fundamental difference of the there not only being four hole cards rather than two, but that EXCACTLY two of them must be used as part of the best 5-card hand. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming PLO is essentially the same as NLH, just with a different number of hole cards.

Do not overestimate high pairs

Of course, Aces or Kings are also strong hands in PLO, but a great deal depends on the board texture and the number of players you’re up against in a hand. It’s very common to overestimate AAxx and KKxx.

Respect Position

Just as it’s a bad idea in Hold’em to not factor in positional considerations, Pot Limit Omaha is no different. Indeed, it can be even more significant to play out of position. What kind of a hand someone has can be more evident in PLO, so giving away a positional advantage as well isn’t to be recommended.

Maintain prudent bankroll management

Because PLO is seen as such an action game, it’s easy for new players to try to quickly leapfrog a few rungs of the ladder by hoping to make money quickly trying their luck at higher stakes even if bankroll conditions don’t justify such a move. Not surprisingly, this approach tends to come unstuck and lead to serious trouble. The very fact that PLO can be so brutal is exactly why good bankroll management should be adhered to religiously.

Don’t tilt

Again, PLO is a fiery animal as it is and brings with it some potentially horrible variance, without letting tilt do even more damage. Swings are part of poker, and even though PLO can take downswings to the extreme, it’s imperative to keep a clear head and not let bad fortune or – of course – your mistakes affect you.

Do not play every hand

With four cards and all those extra possibilities they bring, it’s tempting to get carried away and play too many hands. It’s a necessary adjustment when switching from NLH to PLO to re-evaluate starting hand criteria. A good tip is that we should be looking to make sure that all four cards work together in some way, as well as factor in the sheer number of hand combinations that are possible.

Be on guard

Backdoors and redraws are simply part of the game. Always keep in mind that not only you, but your opponents play with four cards, too, and the ‘lead’ can so easily change hands in PLO.

Luck is an important factor in all poker games, and in the short term, can make any player a winner. The variance in Pot Limit Omaha is slightly greater than in Texas Holdem Poker, but the same tried and tested rule applies to Pot Limit Omaha as with all other poker games: Over the long-term, the player with the better strategy and high skill level will end up as a winner.

Just like how some people prefer coffee over tea, some people will make Omaha their game of choice. Since Pot Limit Omaha is played much more aggressively than other variants, it is often more popular with players looking for a high level of action.

As with all other types of games, the rules are certainly easy to learn. However, the same old motto applies to Omaha as it does to Hold’em: It takes five minutes to learn the rules of Omaha and a lifetime to master it.

Omaha has captured the hearts of many poker players over the past few years. Every day there are more and more players trying out the game and numbers are on the rise across all poker sites. Pot Limit Omaha is clearly the second most popular variant after Texas Holdem and its growth has only just started.

Yes! If you feel you’re ready to test your new Omaha skills against the best players in the world, head on over to any of our partner sites above and take your shot.

Author: YPD-Admin
last updated 09.01.2024