In poker, playing styles and strategies vary widely between stakes. Given that most micro stakes players are newcomers, choosing a suitable room for stable income and stake climbing can be overwhelming. This article outlines key considerations for selecting a micro stakes site. Among the top contenders for best poker sites for micro stakes in 2024 are GGPoker, 888Poker, and WPTGlobal. Read on for all necessary details.

What to Look For in a Micro/Low Stakes Poker Site?

When choosing a Micro Stakes Poker Site, it’s important to remember that micro stakes are defined as up to NL10. In most poker rooms, skill levels are generally similar. Your primary objective should be to grow your bankroll quickly. Factors to consider include rakeback, where a lower rake and higher rakeback are ideal. Opt for rooms that provide fixed rakeback since some loyalty programs can demand consistent play. Many rooms also offer bonuses and promotions that can be a boon for your bankroll. Even at lower stakes, the importance of table selection cannot be overstated. It’s beneficial to position yourself among less skilled players to boost your win rate. While having HUD support is a plus, you can still navigate successfully without it by simply taking diligent notes. Good customer support is a must to address any concerns. For those playing poker casually, it’s advisable to pick rooms with consistent traffic, ensuring there’s always a game available. Above all, the security of the room is paramount, ensuring they prioritize the safety of your information. Lastly, playing during peak hours can give you access to more table options and potentially reduced rakes.

Best Sites for Micro Stakes Poker in 2024


  • Rake – 5% (caps range from $0.20 at NL2 to $2 at NL25).
  • Rakeback – Expect 15%-35% rakeback through Fish Buffet loyalty program. Additional value comes from leaderboard participation.
  • HUD Support – None. However, a built-in SmartHUD shows player VPIP for current sessions. Hand history can be downloaded and uploaded to trackers.
  • Large Traffic – About 100 tables available for each micro-stake level.

GGPoker is part of Asian network GGNetwork, becoming world’s largest network. Its main objective is attracting casual players, but regulars are also welcome if they adhere to all rules.

Amateurs from Asian countries frequent tables, bringing a unique blend of calm and aggressive play. Unlike other clients, peak hours don’t exist here. Most players hail from Asia during daytime, while Europe dominates evenings.

Logo GGPoker
600$ Bonus/YPD VIP Deal


  • Rake – 5% at all cash game tables
  • Rakeback – VIP Deals are available at YPD and we also have our big 20k WPTGlobal Rake Chase
  • HUD Support – Not available. No converters or downloadable hand history. VIP status grants access to personal statistics, with detail depending on player level.
  • Traffic – Lower than at GGPoker especially at Pot Limit Omaha(PLO) cash game but still sufficient for WPTGlobal to serve as your main playground.

WPTGlobal ranks as one of the world’s largest independent poker rooms. The platform caters to amateurs, making them feel at home. Regulars may find the lack of HUD and table selection frustrating but will appreciate industry-lowest rake at micro stakes and one of the softest player fields in the world.

Logo WPTGlobal
1.200$ Bonus/YPD VIP Deal


  • Rake – Ranges from 6.25% at NL2 to 5% at NL25 (caps at $4).
  • Rakeback – Regulars can expect 1-5% on average.
  • HUD Support – Available.
  • Traffic – Peak hours see 400-600 players at micro-stake tables.

888poker stands as a well-known, trustworthy poker room. While not fond of regulars, it doesn’t ban without cause. The platform offers various promotions to attract newcomers. A predominantly casual player base more than makes up for higher rake and minimal rakeback.

Traffic is robust, consistently placing the room among top ten popular poker sites. Most action at micro stakes comes from European amateurs, making evenings GMT busiest.

Logo 888Poker
400$ Bonus/VIP System + Freerolls

Final Thoughts about Micro and Low Stake Poker Rooms

Each room discussed above is a solid contender for the status of the “Best Rooms for Micro Stakes”. Given that all of them have large traffic, it will be up to you and your personal preferences. WPTGlobal has the softest player field, GGPoker always has a lot of action, and 888poker is a good option for regulars who aren’t ready to play without a HUD.

Author: Georgy
last updated 09.01.2024