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Online Poker is a very popular game that is constantly attracting players new to Poker concepts and strategies. Poker freerolls give you the chance to play poker and win real money without paying any money or fees. Poker freerolls are perfect for beginners who want to increase their bankroll, but also interesting for experienced poker players, because everybody likes free money!

Our poker partners offers a high number of freerolls tournaments. Most of them you can access without any hassle beyond registering your poker account at the site where you would like to play.

We’ve created a detailed overview of all the poker freerolls at all our poker partner rooms, to save you time and show you where you can start to make easy money.

YourPokerDream Exlusive Poker Freerolls

YourPokerDream gives all new players the opportunity to play exclusive freerolls and make money without any investment!

After you’ve created a new poker account through our our website at one of poker rooms (note that you must navigate from our website to be eligible for freerolls), you get automatic access to our exclusive poker freerolls  and of course also to all our other exclusive promotions.

For example, if you create a new poker account at BestPoker or Betsson Poker, then you can join our €25 Weekly Betsson Poker Freeroll or 100$ BestPokerFreeroll. Additionally you get access to all our other promotions. If you sign up at multiple sites it’s possible to play each of our exclusive Freeroll Tournaments.

IMPORTANT: Old existing poker accounts get no access to our exclusive freeroll tournaments! Only new accounts which are created through YourPokerDream and linked to our site. 

Please note: Because of the not ending fake registrations and inactive players we are forced to do so, that players receive only the password for our  weekly 25€ Betsson/Betsafe/Nordicbet Freeroll, if they made at least once a real money deposit of minimum 10$ and and generate every week at least $2 rake/fees.

The same for BestPoker!

At the moment YourPokerDream offers you 4 exclusive tournaments:

  • 100$ BestPoker 18:00 MEZ (every 2 weeks on Sunday)
  • 241$ PartyPoker 21:00 MEZ (every 2 weeks on Sunday) *1$ Buy In but only around 20-25 players are registered*
  • 150$ GGPoker 21:00 MEZ (every 2 weeks on Friday) *1$ Buy In but only around 25-50 players are registered*
  • 500$ GGPoker YPD First Depositer Freeroll  21:00 MEZ (on the last Friday/Saturday of the month) * Make the first deposit of minimum 100$ to get access*

2.000€ Bonus/35% Flat Rakeback+ Rake Chase

325$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

600$ Bonus/YPD VIP Deal

FAQ Poker Freeroll Tournaments

What does it mean to link a poker account with YourPokerDream?

Players who want to take advantage of our free offers must create a poker account at Every player can find the full overview of all our partner rooms under the partners overview page. It’s important to know that a poker room will only offer you YourPokerDream deals if you access their site directly from the links on our website, and register your new account with our partners on our website. These deals are ONLY offered to players who’ve never had an account at their poker room of choice before.

If you follow these steps you will get access to all normal promotions and offers that the poker room offer, and additionally all the exclusive extras like freeroll tournaments, rake races and all the other promotions from YourPokerDream.

We have a lot of different poker partners and we’re sure you will find a poker room you love where you can start up a new poker account.

Why dont i get access with my existing poker account to the YPD Freerolls?

YourPokerDream works closely with each of our poker room Partners. To date more than 5.000 players have registered through our site at different poker rooms. We’re able to offer these deals because we’re given a small commission for each signup.

Without new signups our business model wouldn’t work, and we wouldn’t be able to offer you great poker advice, access to different freeroll tournaments, free tournament tickets, rake races and much more.

Are there any disadvantages to creating a poker account through YourPokerDream?

No! Just much more extras!

How do i receive the password or tickets for the YPD Freerolls?

Some of our freeroll tournaments are password restricted. If you have created a new poker account using the correct tracking links/sign up buttons from YourPokerDream and added your username to your YourPokerDream account, you will find the password inside your account once your registration is confirmed and you’ve fulfilled the conditions stated above. PLAYERS WHO MADE NEVER A REAL MONEY DEPOSIT AND DID NOT EVEN ONCE PLAY ANY NORMAL REAL MONEY GAME WILL GET NO ACESS TO OUR EXCLUSIVE FREEROLL TOURNAMENTS! A REAL MONEY DEPOSIT OF AT LEAST 10$/€  AND 1$ RAKE/FEES ARE REQUIRED!

Please note: Old existing poker accounts which were not created through YourPokerDream and are not tagged to us, get no access to our exclusive freeroll tournaments. YOU NEED TO CREATE A NEW POKER ACCOUNT AT ONE OF OUR PARTNER ROOMS!

I have a old existing account. Can i just create a new one?

Normally not! In some cases if you have not used your existing old account for a few months we can try to talk to the poker room to negotiate closing your old account so that you can open a new one. If you want support with this please contact the YourPokerDream Support Team.

For a much easier solution, we recommend that you simply create an account at a different room on the same network. For example, Betsafe, Nordicbet and Betsson are poker rooms from the same parent company. They offer the same promotions, players, tournaments and support.

If you have an old account at Betsafe Poker which is not tracked under YourPokerDream, then just create a new account at Betsson or Nordicbet through YourPokerDream will immediately give you access to our benefits.

How YPD can offer such exclusive freeroll tournaments and other promotions?

As one of the biggest poker affiliate/communities worldwide we bring a lot of players to our poker partners every month and it gives us the possibility of offering our players these extras.

Are freeroll tournaments really for free?

Yes, online freeroll poker tournaments don’t cost anything to enter. However, some Poker Rooms will require you to make a deposit if you want to play. For example, many poker sites offer new depositor freerolls.

The nice thing is that you don’t even need to play with the money you have deposited. You can make a deposit and cash the money out 30 minutes later and still get access to new depositer freeroll tournaments.

Do freerolls always give money away as prize?

No. The prizes differ from poker room to poker room. Some tournaments award cash and others award bonus money, or even  tournament seats in larger events. 75% of the freeroll tournament award their players with cash and 25% with other prizes.

How should I play at Freeroll Tournaments?

We advise you to be patient and to play as if it were real money. The average player will try and play almost every hand because it’s not their own money and they dont care a lot about their chips. Be patient and wait for your chance and you have a big advantage over your opponents.

General Information Freeroll Tournaments


Freeroll tournaments in the poker world refer to poker tournaments that are free to enter. The Freeroll tournaments offer free cash and prizes to the winner of the game. You can find freeroll tournaments on nearly every online poker sites. The list of the tournaments is updated every single day. To take part in these poker tournaments all you have to do is download the poker software and create an account with the site you wish to play the game on.

There are freerolls in a number of poker varieties including Omaha, Seven Card Stud and Texas Hold’em. Apart from standard freeroll tournaments players will receive invitations to special freerolls every once in a while. This will give you an opportunity to take part in larger poker tournaments.

Validating your Freeroll Poker Tournament account

Once you have opened a poker account, validation is required. The poker site will require you to submit a copy of your identity card as proof, as well as a current utility bill. The poker site will validate your account before they offer you a ticket to their welcome freeroll. The ticket amounts are worth between €350 -€1,000 in the prize pool. Sometimes the freeroll tournament allows only 2,000 players in the game.

The freeroll ticket you purchase is valid for about 30 days only after which your freeroll ticket will be suspended.

Types of Poker Freeroll tournaments

There are a number of freeroll poker tournaments that are available for players. Birthday Freerolls are open to poker players celebrating their birthdays within the week with prizes worth up to €500. Make sure to log on near your birthday to take advantage of the Birthday Freeroll.

There are also normal daily freerolls open to all poker players. The weekly deposit freeroll tournaments requires a real money deposit. Other freerolls are connected to special poker room promotions.

How to register for a Freeroll?

In ordered to participate in a freeroll tournament you will need to get registered. You do this by registering on a poker site. You then go to the Tournaments’ lobby and select the available freeroll tournament. It is labeled as buy-in: Free. There is a register button at the top of the window which you will have to click and this will open a new window showing your available account balance after which you will confirm registration.

There is an unregister button at the poker site to which you will click when you want to opt out of the tournament.

Strategies to use when playing Freeroll Tournaments

To participate in a freeroll tournament you will need to know how to go through the first early hands of the tournament. You should not consider playing on an A-8 offsuit in the early stages of the freeroll tournament.  You should consider playing only with strong hands only or when the blinds are low.

You should not overplay your hands when you are connecting with the flop. Players are advised to never commit all their chips at any one time. During the main game, you should ensure you are a little bit more aggressive and make more moves than the first time. Never get worried about the position you are holding or the average stack size you might have.  The main goal of the freeroll tournament is to collect as many free chips as possible.

What to expect at such Freeroll Tournaments?

Let’s be honest, Freeroll poker tournaments have the word “free” in it, and draw nearly every kind of poker player. It is understandable that especially at the normal daily freerolls, you will find a lot of very bad players who know almost nothing about poker, except the poker rules. At some other freeroll like the Depositer Freerolls for example you will find much fewer players, because such freeroll tournaments are not open for everybody.


Freerolls offer a great way to practice different strategies with low risk. Play as if the free roll is real money (after all you could win real money). And take timing into consideration. In the final stages of the game focus on making your opponents sweat, push them with bluffs, and we guarantee you will win a lot of prizes.

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