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If you are new to the poker scene since, then you may have already heard some words in the chat or any poker forum, which you do not know and never heard before. Experienced poker players use specific words, which are only available in the poker language.

It is nothing bad if you do not know the most of this words and terms. This happens with every player who is new and that’s absolutely normal.

As you may have noticed, the language in poker is English. 95% of all poker players use the English terms. Do not worry, even if your English is not the best you will understand the most important things without any problem

We from YourPokerDream have created a detailed overview of all important poker terms, to save you the annoying search through the internet. Some terms are very important, others are not so much. Nevertheless, it does not hurt, to know also the terms which are not so important.

In our poker glossary, you will find an explanation for each term

We used a lot of time and tried to explain everything as understandable as possible, that you can easily understand everything as a beginner. If you still have a question about a term, or maybe even an explanation of a term that is not listed in our poker glossary, please contact our support 24/7 via email or Skype.

We keep our Poker Glossary up to date, to provide the latest information. Poker players like to invent new words, which spread then very fast in the scene. Our glossary is quite simple and clear. Just click on the letter you are looking for and you will be redirected to the area, where you will find all the terms, beginning with the letter you have chosen. Alternatively, you can scroll down and find all terms in alphabetical order from A to Z. To see the explanation, just click on the word.

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