Even if you’re new to poker, you’ve probably heard terms such as all-in in everyday life. However, the game is so rich that, not surprisingly, there are literally dozens of terms, and it’s very useful to be acquainted with them, not least because it helps to better understand various aspects of the game.

Our Glossary section at YourPokerDream provides details and explanations of important poker terms, compiled with our players in mind so that you don’t have to go searching the internet whenever you come across this or that term.

In fact it’s well worth investing the time to look around this section – after all, poker is a game of information.

Improve your Poker Education! 

If you have a particular term in mind simply click on the relevant letter and you’re good to go. Alternatively, scroll through and investigate…

Meanwhile, if you have a question or maybe even an explanation of something that we haven’t listed in our poker glossary, then please feel free to contact our Support via email or Skype.

Have fun!

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· Published 20.07.2017 · last updated 20.07.2022