The Chico network is becoming a force to be reckoned with

The Chico network might not be the largest network in the world but it has developed incredibly well in the last couple of years, especially in terms of cash game traffic. The number of cash game players is higher than both the iPoker network, for example.

A significant factor here is that the Chico network is one of the few caters for US players, who account for well over half the traffic.

The headquarters are in the Seychelles, and the main company is Julian International Holdings Ltd.

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Traffic and skill level

The large number of US players belonging to the network means Chico can guarantee high volume. The Chico network is known to have one of the ‘best’ player pools around in terms of the sheer number of recreational poker fans making the playing level less sophisticated than with most other online poker rooms.

Many rakeback affiliates are no longer accepted in the Chico network because the operator focuses primarily on the acquisition of ‘fun’ players rather than ‘winning’ players. Consequently, Chico will be an attractive hunting ground for those serious grinders whose only goal is to make money against less experienced, generally weaker opposition.

No Limit Hold’em Cash Games have above average traffic, and tournaments are also always packed. The only weak area for Chico is that the high roller limits have almost no traffic.


As has been noted, the Chico Network focuses more on new players, so there are no flat or high rakeback deals such as those available with other poker rooms/networks. However, there is a VIP system whereby you can exchange points for cash, plus various rake races and other standard offers such as the first deposit matching bonus. YPD also has offers that give players extra rakeback through our VIP Rakeback Deals, while you can also take part in our internal 25k Main Rake Race and other exclusive promotions.

YourPokerDream is one of the few EU Affiliates that works with skins from the Chico network.


While Chico Skins software isn’t the best and fanciest on the market, it is nevertheless player-friendly and has an easy-to-use interface that’s great for beginners and inexperienced players.


The Chico Network skins each offer their own promotions, with a variety of interesting ones each month. There are usually no general promotions that apply to all skins.

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