Poker Bots in Online Poker

You may have heard of so-called poker bots in online poker rooms. There are wild rumors that thousands of them operate at every online poker site, making easy money from casual players.

Of course, it’s possible that – however rarely – you might encounter a poker bot at the virtual tables, but their use is prohibited under the terms of all online poker providers, who do a great job of identifying poker bots and closing related accounts with immediate effect whenever they encounter such suspicious behaviour. Online poker rooms want bots at their tables even less than you do!

Poker Bots are not necessarily good players 

Most bots are weak, but there have been isolated reports of strong bot rings successfully exploiting mid-stakes games.

However, providers are constantly scanning player profiles in an effort to remove bots from the tables as quickly as possible. There are cases where this process doesn’t happen immediately, and bots are allowed to continue in operation, but the subject of bots isn’t by any means one that should put anyone off online poker.

Nowadays there is almost no poker bot left that can slip through the modern security measures that online poker rooms use to detect them. Nearly all bots are blocked immediately and, ironically – given that most make little impact in terms of their strength – can be exploited for profit if we can first identify them.

How do I recognize a poker bot?

Although machines tend to be ‘intelligent’ in the modern age, poker bots feature pretty simplistic programming and their strength is in their consistently grinding away relentlessly according to the style assigned them. As soon as we find a bot we can adjust our game relatively easily and consequently translate that to profit

How can we recognize bots?

  • Always the same bet sizes (but some actual people also do the same)
  • Repeated use of certain lines
  • Relentless aggression in certain situations
  • Identical time taken for every decision
  • No activity in the Chat
  • Change of table according to specific number of players
  • When operating as part of a bot-ring they’ll keep being seated at the same tables

These are some – but not necessarily all – of the features that can help you identify a poker bot. If you find something suspicious it always makes sense to report it to the poker room support team immediately.

How do poker bots win if they are not good players?

Although the majority of bots are of an average or even weak playing standard, this doesn’t automatically mean that they are worse than a poor human player. Even if the win rate of a bot is very low, and even if it doesn’t make big plays, many make easy money through rakeback. Bots do not get tired, of course, so can theoretically play 24 hours a day at the same performance level. A poker bot that plays non-stop and breaks even makes a significant profit from rakeback!

Which online poker sites are safe from bots?

As mentioned at the beginning, the use of poker bots is generally not allowed. However, this does not automatically mean that every provider has the same security precautions when it comes to detecting and fighting against bots.

Although we have hopefully made it clear that you don’t have to be so scared of them, you may feel a little uncomfortable. If you want a poker site that is largely free of poker bots, we’ve compiled a list of online poker rooms that are essentially bot-free, and which have in place fantastic security that removes them the moment they are added.

Note: Should a poker bot be identified, the associated player account, including all balance, will be frozen immediately and the funds will be distributed to the affected players.

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600$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

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