Poker Bots in Online Poker

You may have heard about poker bots in online poker rooms. Poker bots are automated software programs that play poker, focusing on mimicking human behaviors or using statistical analysis for optimal decisions. They operate without human input, basing decisions on algorithms.

Rumors suggest many operate on online poker sites, winning money from casual players. While it’s possible you might run into a poker bot, their use is prohibited by all online poker providers. They excel at spotting bots, swiftly shutting down related accounts upon detecting suspicious activity. Online poker rooms dislike bots even more than you!

Poker Bots are not necessarily good players

While most bots are weak, there have been reports bot rings exploiting mid-stakes games. Providers continually scan player profiles to remove bots swiftly. Occasionally, bots might not be detected right away, but this shouldn’t deter anyone from online poker. Today, almost no poker bot can evade modern detection measures used by online poker sites. Most bots get blocked instantly. Interestingly, despite their limited strength, if identified, they can be exploited for profit.

How do I recognize a poker bot?

Despite modern machine intelligence, poker bots use basic programming, gaining strength from relentless grinding based on their assigned style. Once we spot bot behavior, we can easily adjust our game for profit.

How can we recognize bots?

– Consistent bet sizes (though some players do this too)
– Repeated use of certain strategies
– Constant aggression in specific scenarios
– Same decision-making time
– No chat activity
– Table changes based on player count
– If part of a bot-ring, they often sit at identical tables

These clues can help pinpoint a poker bot. If you notice anything odd, always report it to the poker room support.

How do poker bots win if they are not good players?

While most bots play at an average or weak level, they can still outperform poor human players. Even with a low win rate, many earn profit through rakeback. Bots, not needing rest, can potentially play 24/7, making consistent gains. A well-crafted bot acts without emotion, fatigue, or bias, ensuring consistent, data-driven decisions. Poker is as much about skill and psychology as chance. Bots, however, can diminish the human touch, considered by many as poker’s true essence.

Which online poker sites are safe from bots?

Using poker bots is typically forbidden. Still, not every provider has uniform security measures against them. Platforms like GGPoker confront issues with players using unfair software, including the “GGPoker bot”. This software autonomously plays on GGPoker, posing a risk to game integrity. GGPoker invests heavily in stopping these GGPoker bots to maintain fairness for users. Players should steer clear of any software violating platform rules.

Although we’ve emphasized less concern about bots, some may remain cautious. For those seeking bot-free poker sites, we have recommendations with stringent security against bots.

Note: Detecting a poker bot results in the immediate freezing of its player account and funds, which are then returned to impacted players.

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last updated 14.12.2023