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How is it possible, that YourPokerDream grants the players with so much benefits?

Through referring our players to the poker rooms, we are getting commission. This commission is used for our own Promotions and Races, so that our players have a real benefit from playing with us as a partner.

Can every player register at YourPokerDream?

All Players from all over the world are welcome. It does not mean that every player can register at every poker room. Every poker room has his own restrictions, that’s why it can be so that maybe is not accepting players from your country.

What i have to do, to take part at the exclusive  YourPokerDream promotions?

You need a poker account, which has been created over YourPokerDream. This new account will be linked to us. If the account is not linked, we are not getting the commission and are not able to offer our players all the benefits and promotions.

With an existing poker account, you are not able to enjoy our exclusive  benefits. In some cases, it is possible that a poker room allows creating a new account, which is then linked with YourPokerDream ot to retag an old existing account with us if the account is minimum 6 month inactive.

More information about this topic you find HERE

Can i invite a friend to YPD?

Yes. You can invite as many friends as you want. You can earn money with inviting, because for every player you refer to us, you will get a monthly commission. More Information about our Tell a Friend Offer you find here.

How and when i get the prices from the YPD Rake Races and Promotions?

The payouts are one time in the month, between the 2nd and the 20h directly on your player account. If a poker room does not allowing direct payments to player accounts all bonuses will be paid by Neteller, EcoPayz or even by BTC if a player wish. Please make sure that you have included all datas inside to your YPD account to make sure that we can pay you in time.

All information regarding our payments and dates you find inside your YourPokerDream account under “Overview”

Can you help me if i have some problems with a poker room?

If you have any problems, contact our Support and we try to help our players with problems at a partner room every time. Most of the time all problems can be solved easily. So do not hesitate to contact our Support in any case.

Is YourPokerDream offer some Flat Rakeback Deals?

Yes! YourPokerDream offer different kind of Flat Rakeback Deals at almost all sites/networks.  If you are interested in such a deal, please contact our Support Team. We have the possibility to offer some very exclusive deals for VIP Players.

What is YPD and what benefits YPD have from my registration?

YourPokerDream is one of the biggest Poker Affiliates worldwide. We work with the biggest and best poker rooms together. During past 9 years, over 10.000 players found the way into our international community. A registration at YourPokerDream is 100% free and gives many benefits in form of extra rakeback, exclusive promotions, tournaments and much more more, which other players don’t have.

What is rakeback and how does it work?

A detailed explanation about rakeback, what it means and what kind of rakeback deals you can get, you will find HERE.

My poker account is closed/frozen. What should i do?

Please contact the support of the poker room directly, as we don’t have access to your poker room account and therefore we don’t have background information. Of course we are also here to help but the first step is to contact the poker room.

I forgot my poker room username

Check the emails which you have received after registering at the poker room. They should contain your username/nickname. If you cant find it you can contact also our support team and give us your YourPokerDream Username that we can search in our database. If you poker account is tracked under YourPokerDream we can help you really quick.

I have a account at a poker room. Is it possible that another family member can create another account with the same IP?

At most poker rooms this is allowed. It is possible that you will need to verify your account with an ID-check after creation. If this is the case, the poker room will notify you about it via mail.

How can i check how many YPD Points i have earned?

You just need to log in to your YPD User Account and there you can see your ypd points. We update all points every 1-2 days. 1$ Rake/Fees=1YPD Point

How can i check how much rakeback/bonuses i have received from YPD?

Always between the 01- 03th of a month we include all prices from our rake races to your YPD User Account. The same if a player agreed for an special vip deal with us. Just take a look to your account and you will see there the amount of rakeback which you will receive from us and also a information when it will be paid.

What does Netrake mean?

Netrake is the rake after the normal bonuses (rakeback/first deposit bonus/promotions) have been deducted. Example: A player generates $ 1,000 in rake / fees and receives $ 200 of his first deposit bonus and $ 300 rakeback from the poker room. His Netrake would be $ 500 in that case.

Can I arrange a VIP Flat Deal with YPD and also participate in the YPD Races/Promotions?

No both together is not possible. Of course our VIP Flat Deals brings you much more rakeback as if you would participate in our regular Races/Promotions.

How the VIP Deals at Party/Bwin works?

Special VIP deals we can offer our players only for the first 3 years, as PartyPoker / Bwin will change the conditions afterwards. Unfortunately, no affiliate can do anything against these rules. All fixed VIP Deals only run exactly 3 years from the day of registration.

Please also note that in a few exceptional cases, you may receive a slightly lower extra RB amount in a given month than agreed. This happens almost never  and is only possible if you reach the highest cashback level every week (40%) and there is also a special promotion from PartyPoker / Bwin which gives you a minimum of 5% extra rakeback. In this case, we will adjust the amount at our discretion so YPD does not make a minus.

As with any of our internal promotions, YPD reserves the right to terminate or change all deals if certain conditions change on the part of the poker room.

Author: YPD
last updated 14.12.2023