The best poker sites for players from Germany in 2024

Germany remains a major poker market in 2024, with high enthusiasm among German players who play online every day and compete worldwide.

Since July 1, 2021, a new gambling law with restrictive restrictions has affected the market, causing many poker rooms to withdraw from the German market. We have tested and analyzed providers that accept German players without restrictions. How to play online poker in Germany safely and comfortably.

Which points are important for playing poker in Germany?

A provider with sufficient online players is important in order to avoid waiting times and to be able to be active on different limits and game types. Attractive promotions, welcome gifts such as bonus money or tournament tickets, as well as exciting promotions with additional prizes increase the incentive to play. A good rakeback deal is essential to increase the win rate. It is also important to be safe on the platform and not to worry about your bankroll. We therefore only recommend large and reputable providers that have proven themselves on the market.

To ensure that all important points are met, we have extensively tested the poker rooms listed below according to criteria such as number of players, variants and limits offered, payment methods, duration of payouts, promotions, rakeback and customer service.

Top 2 poker roomw and recommendation from YPD to play poker in Germany!

Logo GGPoker
600$ Bonus/YPD VIP Deal
Logo 888Poker
400$ Bonus/VIP System + Freerolls

Can I only play against players from Germany?

You can play against players from almost every country in the world. The poker rooms we recommend use an international player pool, which makes the online game particularly attractive. You can compete with players from all over the world without having to leave your home.

What restrictions do players from Germany have due to the new gambling law?

German players in the international pool have several restrictions that other countries do not have. These include a monthly deposit limit of €1,000 (can be increased under certain conditions), playing at a maximum of 4 tables simultaneously, no free seat selection at the table, automatic placement, a panic button for an immediate 24-hour ban, and a summary of winnings and losses is displayed every time you log in. A pop-up appears every 60 minutes informing you of the playing time. An identity check is required upon registration and all deposits must be made in €.

What deposit options are available to me?

Since the new gambling law in Germany, the payment options are more limited. With the exception of GGPoker, 888Poker and PokerStars, the other providers only offer payments with cryptocurrencies. We recommend the German-language provider Bitpanda, which allows deposits from bank accounts, the holding of various currencies and their conversion into cryptocurrencies. Bitpanda also offers a prepaid Mastercard.

Are my funds safe?

We only work with major providers and have referred many satisfied players. We regularly test poker sites, carry out transactions and communicate with long-time players to ensure a smooth process. As long as you play fairly, there are no problems with large amounts.

Which poker site should I choose to play poker in Germany?

The decision is up to you. All the sites presented are ideal for German players, offering benefits and access to exclusive promotions, tournaments and rakeback deals from YourPokerDream.

Our tip is GGPoker for lots of promotions, payment options, and full tables around the clock. Pokerstars is also a good choice.

For professional players, we recommend TigerGaming or BetOnline from the Chico network. These offer great promotions and rakeback deals, but only cryptocurrencies are available as payment methods on the WPN and Chico networks.

Choose GGPoker and enter the bonus code: YPD when registering to receive exclusive extras.

Logo PokerStars
600$ Bonus/Up to 65% Rakeback
Logo TigerGaming
1.000$ Bonus/25k YPD Race
Logo BetOnline
1.000$ Bonus/US Players Welcome
Logo JackPoker
500$ Bonus/ Up to 65% Rakeback
Author: YPD-Admin
last updated 17.02.2024