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  • ecoPayz is one of the best e-wallet providers
  • Fast deposits and cashouts at online poker sites/casinos/sport bets
  • Quick money transfers
  • Free service
  • Free inter-account-transfers
  • Up to 0,7% Cashback

ecoPayz – exactly explained

EcoPayz is one of the best e-payment platforms in the world today – similar to Skrill and NETELLER. This company has been in existence since 2000, but it’s not well-known to most customers and the main reason is due to its limited availability in some markets. To curb the issue of availability around the world, EcoPayz introduced a form of affiliate program in 2016.

The e-payment platform is working hard to increase its customers worldwide; so far, it is progressing and has added an additional security feature (2FA). EcoPayz is controlled by the FCA in the United Kingdom, which makes them eligible to issue electronic money to merchants worldwide.

How safe is ecoPayz?

EcoPayz is a very large company licensed by the FCA for the issuing of electronic money and cash under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (900015 FRN). The company has authorization from FCA (UK) to conduct the transfer of e-money. However, this authorization ensures that payment services like EcoPayz maintain a high standard of business in the electronic money transfer industry.

It is important to know that EcoPayz is one of the most trusted and secured online payment systems in the world today. The payment platform has anti-laundering features that help secure merchants’ funds.

EcoPayz merchants have the ability to enjoy real-time interface, which looks like other internet banking companies, and also, the platform is well-encrypted with the help of SSL and TLS connections.

That said, you can opt to use EcoPayz and look at online gambling platforms that make use of EcoPayz online option and start withdrawing funds when you win.

EcoPayz Security: Two-Step Authentication (2FA)

Each time you log in to your EcoPayz account, your smartphone or tablet will create a one-time-use security code to ensure your account is safe. If you haven’t activated this feature, then sign in to your account, go to Personal settings and open the 2-Step Verification option. Ensure you have enabled Google Authenticator on your smartphone; then click on ‘Enable 2-step verification’.

The Benefits of Using EcoPayz

No doubts, there are lots of benefits when you use EcoPayz on a credited and trusted gambling site. However, besides using it for gambling, EcoPayz is a payment option in almost 48 different currencies on any land-based or Internet retailer.

EcoPayz is accredited for being Data Security Standard (DSS) compliant, which means that the platform updates itself on the latest security trends for the optimum safety of its clients. Likewise, your information is well-secured from hackers and thefts as EcoPayz itself is registered under the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

Additionally, EcoPayz provides the option of allowing you to fund your gambling account through your personal bank account in a very convenient way. It is important to also take note that you don’t need to go through a credit check to fund your gaming account, due to the fact that EcoPayz virtually promotes privacy by separating your banking from gaming and online platforms.

How i register correctly?

To create an account is really very easy and all you have to do is to follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Create a EcoPayz Account Button and you will be redirected to the main page of ecoPayz.
  2.  Now you are on the main page of EcoPayz and need to click  to Sign Up
  3. It opens a form in which you must enter your personal information truthfully
  4. Once you’ve done that, your account is ready to start.
  5. Now you just have to verify your account and include your EcoPayz Username to your YPD account or just send it to that we can request your upgrade to the VIP Gold status.

Now all is done and you can quickly deposit and withdrawal money and through your Prepaid MasterCard you have always and everywhere access to your money.

EcoPayz Sign Up

EcoPayz MasterCard

EcoPayz offers a prepaid MasterCard known as “ecoCard” which you can use to spend money anywhere that accepts MasterCard®. Merchants can order for the MasterCard and get it delivered. It is important to know that there are no additional fees/costs when getting the card with EcoPayz besides the ATM withdrawal fee.

The EcoPayz card is available in 31 EU/EEA states.

NB: You can create your EcoPayz Account over YourPokerDream and get a higher limit and other exclusive offers.

EcoPayz Card

The VIP Programm

The VIP program from EcoPayz is slightly different from the ones on other e-payment platforms. There are about 5 levels, but these are not based on the level of transactions. Without much ado, here is a quick overview of the different VIP levels.

  • Eco Classic VIP: This is the lowest level for new customers
  • Eco Silver VIP: This level is for customers with successful verification
  • Eco Gold Level: This level client get if they  are at least 30 days VIP Silver, have verified their account and deposited 5.000$ to merchants. YPD Clients get this status immediatly!
  • Eco Platinum Level: Clients need to have the Gold VIP Status for at least 30 days, owner of an activated ecoPayz ecoCard MasterCard and need to transfer at least 50,000 EUR to merchants. Thate the key to get the Platinum VIP Status!
  • Eco VIP Level: Be minimum 30 days VIP Platinum an transfer at least 250.000$ to merchants.

NB: When registering via YourPokerDream, you will immediately receive the VIP Gold status if you inform us after you have created an account. That means you have immediatly higher limits, no transfer fees anymore to other ecoPayz client, lower exchange fees and 0,5% Cashback for your transfers.

EcoPayz VIP

EcoPayz Deposit Options

You can only use Bank Transfer, GiroPay, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB to deposit funds to your EcoPayz account. Moreover, EcoPayz also permits the use of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin to deposit funds, but this feature depends on the country that you are in and the fees may vary also. In view of this, it is essential to check the fees in your current location before making any deposit.

EcoPayz Withdrawal Options

You can only use Bank Transfer, GiroPay, VISA, MASTERCARD, American Express, and JCB to withdraw funds to EcoPayz account. Additionally, you can use the EcoPayz MasterCard for ATM withdrawals.

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