We show you the best Russian poker sites 2024

Are you living in Russia and searching for the best Russian poker sites? Then you have found the right place. In this article, we showcased the best poker sites for poker players in Russia. You can be sure that we tested all the sites listed here. Also, you can now play poker on Russian sites without any doubt.

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Our poker experts tested every single site and focused on the following things:

  • Cash Game and Tournament Traffic 24/7
  • Excellent Rakeback and other kinds of promotions
  • Safe and fast deposit and withdrawals methods
  • Reliable and modern software
  • Soft player field to ensure that the game is profitable
  • Customer Support

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Choose one of the Russian poker sites below and join the virtual tables.

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Online Poker in Russia

During the early days of the global online poker boom in the early 2000s, many Russian players started to discover and play poker on international sites. These platforms were easily accessible in Russia, and the country saw an influx of players joining the global poker community

With increased accessibility to the internet and the global proliferation of online poker platforms, Russian players started to make their mark. By the mid-to-late 2000s, numerous Russian poker pros had emerged, scoring significant wins in international online tournaments. Russian players have also been prominent in live poker tournaments across Europe and other parts of the world. Some players even went on to become poker ambassadors, representing major online poker sites

Legal situation and gambling law in Russia

In 2006, Russia passed a law that prohibited all forms of online gambling. This law effectively banned online casinos, poker, and other forms of internet gaming. Land-based casinos were also restricted, but they were allowed to operate in four designated zones.

Russian authorities have actively taken steps to block access to foreign online gambling websites. This means that many well-known international online poker sites and casinos are inaccessible from Russia. But for regular players it is really easy to solve this problem with the use of a VPN.

To further enforce the ban on online gambling, Russia has also taken measures to restrict financial transactions to and from online gambling sites. This makes it challenging for players to deposit or withdraw money from such sites. Again, professional poker players have no problem solving this problem as it can be easily overcome with cryptocurrencies and various agents.

The Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies, and Mass Communications, or Roskomnadzor, is the body responsible for overseeing media and internet activities. They maintain a blacklist of websites, many of which are online gambling sites, that ISPs in Russia are required to block.

While there have been some instances of players facing penalties for accessing online gambling services, the primary focus of the authorities has been on the operators rather than individual players. However, players do take a risk when they try to circumvent the bans, as there’s no guarantee of their funds’ safety on platforms that manage to operate in such a restrictive environment.

Over the years, there have been discussions about liberalizing the gambling laws and introducing a regulatory framework for online poker and other forms of online gambling. However, as of 2024, there hasn’t been significant movement in this direction.

FAQ Poker Sites Russia

While many international poker sites might be restricted or blocked by the Russian government, some players use VPNs or other methods to access them. However, this comes with risks, both legally and in terms of the security of player funds.

Yes you can. Every poker site offers a mobile poker app for iOs and Android devices.

With the help of YourPokerDream you will enjoy the highest possible rakeback deal and exclusive promotions to play as profitable as possible.

Due to the legal prohibition of online gambling, there aren’t licensed and regulated local online poker platforms operating within Russia. Any platforms claiming to be “Russian” might be operating from outside the country and potentially without proper licenses.

Given the restrictions on financial transactions related to online gambling, many standard methods might not work. However, players often use e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, or other alternative methods to move their funds. It’s essential to ensure any method used is secure and reliable.

Allso very common is to make all transactions via agent.

While online poker is restricted, live poker has seen a different treatment in certain areas. There have been regions in Russia that allow poker clubs and tournaments, treating poker more as a game of skill than pure gambling. However, this stance varies and isn’t universally accepted across the country.

Using a VPN can help players bypass restrictions and access online poker sites. However, this comes with risks. Many poker platforms have terms and conditions that prohibit the use of VPNs. If detected, players might have their accounts suspended or funds confiscated.

Yes, over the years, Russia has produced several poker pros who have achieved significant success in both online and live poker tournaments worldwide. These players have represented major online poker sites and have become known figures in the international poker community.

last updated 09.01.2024