Sharkscope, Poker Tool for Tournament & SNG Players

Sharkscope specializes in recording results from various poker tournaments, including every Sit&Go and MTT. It works with all known online poker rooms globally, tracking results for over a decade. Checking results for an online player simply requires a nickname and playing site. While general statistics about tournaments played, average buy-in, and financial outcomes are accessible, more detailed statistics are also available. Every site visitor gets five free searches daily for general stats check, helping identify whether someone is a winning or losing player. For more in-depth information or additional searches, a Sharkscope subscription is necessary. Data from various tournaments on platforms like PokerStars, PartyPoker/Bwin, GG Poker Network, iPoker Network, among others, are stored in Sharkscope.

Example General Stats Player Search

Stats of a poker player at sharkscope

Information: Players can protect their results and statistics from public view by requesting Sharkscope hide their stats, provided they prove ownership of a particular nickname.

Sharkscope Subscriptions

Choose from four different subscriptions depending on your goals. Generally, the silver subscription, $12 per month with 150 searches per day, suffices for standard users. However, the $26 gold package provides 1,000 searches a day and additional benefits like HUD, Hand Tracker, and an SNG Guide. Subscriptions, cancellable monthly without long-term commitment, offer the flexibility to explore various packages, weighing their advantages before deciding to continue or cancel.

How to Use Sharkscope (Beginner Tutorial)

Sharkscope FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sharkscope Legal?

Yes, Sharkscope is an official, legal tool, collecting data from tournaments and receiving it directly from poker sites, with no access to data without poker operator consent.

Is Sharkscope Available to Everyone?

Yes, the platform and database are freely accessible to everyone in every country.

Does Sharkscope Show All Tournament Results for All Online Poker Players Worldwide?

Sharkscope claims 99% coverage on all major online poker sites globally, storing all played results in SNGs or MTTs, which are publicly available. However, players can block their nicknames, restricting access to their results and statistics.

Does Using Sharkscope Provide an Advantage?

Yes. Sharkscope allows users to identify whether they’re playing against a fish (bad player) or shark (good player), particularly useful for MTT players seeking information about tablemates, especially in an MTT’s late phase.

Which Sharkscope Subscription is Most Sensible?

A subscription is sensible if you play regularly with the intent to earn money at virtual poker tables. Starting with the silver Sharkscope subscription is recommended, with the option to upgrade for more searches or additional tools.

Which Payment Methods Are Available for Subscription?

Various payment methods, including Visa/Mastercard, Paypal, Neteller, and Skrill, are accepted.

Author: YPD-Admin
last updated 14.12.2023