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Rake Races

Rake Races are probably one of the most famous promotions. The principle is very simple. Different players compete against each other in a competition to collect as many points as possible. Points are awarded based on the fees/rake each player pays to the poker room by playing at cash game tables or tournaments. At YourPokerDream, 1 $ rake/fees equals 1 YPD point for our Rake Races. The more points a player collects, the higher his ranking in our Rake Races. All races start on the 01 of the month and end on the last day.

The payout structure will be released at the beginning of the month, and YourPokerDream will publish an update of the current leaderboard every 1-2 days so that all players can see their progress and where they stand this month.

Rake Chases

A rake chase is similar to a rake race, with a big difference that the player here does not compete against other players but  against himself. A rake chase is a personal race where a player can reach different levels. Depending on the number of points collected each month, there is a fixed cash price. A rake chase has many different levels and always gives the player the opportunity to earn even more cash when he reaches the next level.

Freeroll Tournaments

Freeroll tournaments are tournaments where the player can win real money without invest own money. This is a great way to build a bankroll just as a beginner. All of our poker partners offer every day different freeroll tournaments and YourPokerDream offers a also some very exclusive freeroll tournaments at different poker partners, where only YourPokerDream members get access.

Special Promotions

From time to time we offer various very special promotions. These types of promotions are not standard promotions like our Rake Races. These are time-limited actions of various kinds. This can be a special rake race / chase, a tell a friend promotion or something completely different. It is worthwhile to participate in our specials and to get some extra money.

Tell aFriend Programm

YourPokerDream wants to convince by a good service and offers. The satisfaction of our community is the highest priority! And we are of course pleased if your satisfied and recommends us. This should not be to your detriment, as you you will receive for ever user you bring to YourPokerDream some extra cash and lifetime commission.

Free Poker Money

Many of our partners offer an extra cash bonus for your first deposit as a welcome gift. You get with many of our partners already starting from a deposit of 10-20 € directly 20 € extra cash to play at the tables. And our partner room BreakoutPoker you can receive even a 8$ No Deposit Bonus!