What is Rakeback, and how do I get it?

Wouldn’t it be nice if, every time you enjoyed a meal at a classy restaurant, you received a portion of the sales tax back on your bill? That extra cash could be used to play poker or even get an extra beverage.

Or imagine sitting at the card table in your local poker room, missing each and every draw all night long while watching the dealer constantly slide the chips to your opponents – after a few of them get put aside for the house, of course. Your losing night might feel a bit better if you could access that portion of chips going to the poker rooms and leave with a wallet that’s less depleted from rake poker.

Poker rakeback is the solution and, often in the context of card games, it’s as vital to a gamer’s bottom line as knowing when to fold certain hands when you know you’re behind. Many enthusiasts have heard the term ‘rakeback’ but have questions about this sometimes perplexing source of extra revenue. But before we dive into that, we must understand what ‘rake’ is. Essentially, rake is a fraction of any money you contribute to the poker tables that ends up going to the poker room. Whether it’s online or live, since there is no ‘edge’ for the House (as in Blackjack or Craps), the rake is how the House profits and keeps the games going.

How poker rooms generate rake depends on the play format. In cash games, rake is taken from any pot that reaches a certain point and is usually based on each participant’s contribution. In a Sit & Go or Multi-Table Tournament, the rake is often a part of the buy-in. So, no matter your preferred choice, “the House always wins” applies to card games too, with online gaming typically costing between 4% and 10% in rake.

Rakeback, then, is the secret to accessing the casino’s funds and receiving a part of all that rake you paid at the tables. It’s a financial ‘thank you’ from the poker room and allows a percentage of your generated rake to return to your account. Poker rooms usually calculate rakeback using one of three methods:

  1. Contributed Rakeback: Based on the percentage of money you add to the pot.
  2. Dealt Rakeback: This concerns who was dealt into the hand versus how much each individual contributed. Rakeback is awarded to all the participants.
  3. Progressive Rakeback: A hybrid of the above, where the rakeback percentage depends on the number of hands played or rake paid. This is often the best option for regulars who play a large volume of hands.

By using these various methods, you can ensure that you play poker with the ability to get some of that valuable rake back into your account, enhancing your overall gaming experience.

YourPokerDream affords you the opportunity to receive special VIP Rakeback Deal which will put more money in your poker bankroll for both regular grinders and the occasional recreational player. These deals are available exclusively through YourPokerDream when you sign-up through us on our many partner poker sites.

How do I maximize my Poker Rakeback with the right deal?

Volume is the key to maximizing rakeback earnings. Naturally, the more hands engaged in, the more rake generated, leading to increased rakeback. Turbo or Hyper Sit & Go (SNG) tournaments are excellent choices to boost rakeback amounts. One of the critical choices a regular Turbo or Hyper SNG enthusiast must make is selecting the right platform and understanding the available rakeback opportunities. Since variance can be high in this format, the consistent income from rakeback is what distinguishes serious enthusiasts and professionals from the less knowledgeable, sustaining them during inevitable downswings.

We provide exclusive VIP flat rakeback arrangements for those looking to enhance their earning potential. Remember, we’ll extend the top rakeback deals and the most unique promotions available online!

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If you have any questions, or you’re looking for a very special high roller rakeback deal, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Is Rakeback important?

How many times have you clicked delete on that piece of spam offering you ‘easy money working from home’ or ‘Earn money on stocks’ and so on? Well, rakeback is different from all those get rich quick schemes. It’s a steady, sure-fire way to supplement your poker winnings or offset losses when the poker rooms aren’t rewarding your efforts.

Even for the recreational poker fan who plays once or twice a week in a poker room or an online home game with friends, for instance, rakeback will make a marked difference. That two or three dollars in tourney fees here and there might seem insignificant, but with a proper rakeback deal, even occasional players will find that the money they accumulate over time via rakeback makes a difference.

However, for the regular and serious players, and those professionals and semi-pro grinders who invest considerable time and effort at the poker tables with a view to maximizing profit, ensuring you have the best rakeback deal is an imperative and a crucial contributor to successful bankroll management. While rakeback can help transform a downswing month to a profitable one, it also makes those big wins even bigger. A good rakeback deal, then, is a must for anyone frequenting a poker game.

Affiliates like YourPokerDream receive commissions from each poker room they send a user to, enabling us to provide incredible value to online poker fans by offering industry-leading rakeback deals.

Can I live off Rakeback in 2024?

It’s definitely a stretch for any casual player to live entirely from money generated by rakeback. However, it is quite common among medium stakes grinders to survive on rakeback alone. Of course, factors such as where you live, what limits you play, your ability and so on need to be considered, but grinding away full-time on the virtual felt is certainly a feasible option for some. For example, it’s not unusual for poker players from the USA to move to Thailand, where they can play on most major online poker sites and still maintain a good lifestyle thanks to the favourable exchange rate (USD in Baht) and the comparatively low cost of living. These players tend not to live on rakeback alone, but it is nonetheless an important part of their earnings. But there are poker players who live only from rakeback!

Imagine you can cover your living expenses on $1,000 per month, you’re a break even player at $10+1 Turbo Sit & Go tournaments and you have a YourPokerDream VIP 50% rakeback deal. Here’s how you could make enough from rakeback alone.

$1,000 rakeback on a 50% offer means you need to generate a total of $2,000 rake.
$2,000 rake at $1 rake per SNG equals 2,000 SNGs per month.

With a little experience, time management and a good mindset, this is completely realistic. A conventional job usually involves an average of around 160 hours per month, so if you were to spend the same amount of time playing poker you would need to play 12.5 SNGs each working hour to manage 2000 – quite achievable for many grinders!

With this in mind, many players finance their studies or add to their existing income, for example, by focusing on rakeback, while others even turn the poker side into a full-time occupation. And remember that we’re looking at these figures in the context of merely breaking even here! Most experienced players have a higher win rate than just breaking even. Even an ostensibly tiny 1% overall win rate would have a significant impact on earnings. And, of course, using the numbers in this example, there are many players who play more than 2,000 such games per month by simply investing more hours should they wish or, alternatively, playing more than one game at the same time.

Conclusion about Rakeback

The simple fact is that making sure you get as much rakeback as possible is as essential a part of your rakeback poker regime as bankroll management and studying strategy. Choosing which affiliate to sign on with ends up being one of the most important decisions from a long-term profit perspective for all poker players, whether they’re recreational poker fans or have serious ambitions and expectations from the game. Without rakeback poker, you’re effectively giving up potentially hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of dollars every month that you play! Poker is about making the correct long-term profitable play with each decision, and this doesn’t preclude those made away from the tables – choosing YourPokerDream for rakeback is definitely a winning move.

Rakeback FAQs

YourPokerDream offers you the best possible rakeback deals around, with up to 50% at many of our partner sites and even 100% at others! It all boils down to your making sure you secure the great deals we offer at YPD.

Yes, you can take advantage of our deals at every online poker room with whom we have a partnership, including some very special exclusive deals. Everything is geared to maximizing your rakeback earning power and, in turn, boosting your bankroll.

This depends on the volume you are playing and the kind of games you prefer. Check out our list of partner rooms above, where we offer up to 100% rakeback by signing up through YPD.

Yes, all flat deals we offer are 100% legal. Some years ago poker rooms and networks didn’t support such deals but this is no longer the case, and these days flat deals are absolutely normal for almost every poker room.

Yes, of course. A good rakeback deal greatly increases your earnings. That’s why every serious thinking poker player should be constantly looking for the best possible rakeback deals. There are also many players who make money only through rakeback, endeavouring to at least break even at the tables while earning significant amounts in rakeback.

No, it is important for every kind of player! A recreational player who turns up at the tables for fun is still going to greatly benefit from receiving rakeback. Money added to a bankroll is the same regardless of whether that player is a recreational fun-seeker or professional grinder!

Author: YPD-Admin
last updated 09.01.2024