What is Rakeback

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Was ist Rakeback

Explanation about Rakeback

As an ambitious or even professional poker player, you’ll know for sure what rakeback (short form RB) is and how it works. Hobby poker players and beginners may already have heard something about so called rakeback, but may not know what it means and what it is good for.

To explain the concept of rakeback in more detail, you should first clarify what is meant by “rake”. Rake is the credit of online poker rooms and how they finance themselves. As soon as you play online for real money, you will automatically generate rake, which means the poker room you play at, will earn you as soon as you play a hand in the cash game, sit & go or multi table tournament. The rake is always a percentage of the played pot (in the cash game), or a share of the buy-in in a tournament. It is always between four and ten percent. On the smaller limits, the rake is often slightly higher than on the bigger buy ins.

One can understand rakeback as a kind of thank you from the poker room, because they pay to a player a percentage of his generated rake back. The providers calculate the rakeback with the help of the so called Monthly Gross Revenue formula, whereby one differentiates three kinds:

  • In the contributed rakeback, the RB is distributed among all players who actively contributed to the pot.
  • With the Dealt Rakeback the RB is calculated independently of the use of the players. Any player who has been dealt cards gets the same amount of rake regardless of whether he has seen the flop or not. The Dealt Rakeback is therefore the best solution for tight players who generally play fewer hands.
  • For progressive rakeback, the percentage of the rake paid back depends on the number of hands played or rake paid. If a player is very active and plays a larger number of hands, then his percentage increases.

The more rake a player generates, the higher the percentage he gets back. So many players and multitablers have a clear advantage over casual players. However, YourPokerDream gives you the opportunity to receive special VIP RB deals, which will bring much more rakeback to both frequent players and occasional players than they would normally receive from the poker rooms. These deals are available exclusively through YourPokerDream when you sign up for our many partner rooms.

Is Rakeback important?

Is RB very important or is it more like a small obolus to understand? For casual gamers, who are only occasionally found at the online tables, rakeback plays a slightly smaller role, as the fun of the game is in the foreground. But even a casual player is certainly happy about some extra cash.

However, ambitious or professional players should be well aware of rake and rakeback as it is a significant part of their winnings.

Any player who would win money, if there was no rake, can end up as a loser just because he has to pay rake to the poker room. And the truth is that far more than 50% of poker players fall into this category. But if you include the rakeback in the calculation, players with small losses suddenly become winners. The higher the RB the higher the profits. A good RB deal is a must for any regular poker player.

So called affiliates, so players agents such. YourPokerDream, which receives commission from each poker site at which they place a player, can add value to the poker player.

For what kind of players is RB important?

This question is asked again and again. However, it is not really possible to give a clear answer, because “worthwhile” can be poorly defined. Is it worth $ 0.10 a month or $ 100 a week? Everyone has to decide for themselves.

But strictly speaking, that’s nonsense. Because rakeback is usually additional and has no disadvantages. Money is money! There is certainly no one in the world who would be annoyed about extra money.

If you work in a normal job and your boss offers you to pay 10% more salary each month without doing more, no one says “No thanks i do not need it”.

Can i live only from Rakeback?

Although it is almost impossible for casual players, there are actually many grinders who can live from rakeback. Of course, it depends a little on where you live, what limits you play, how much rake you make, etc. These poker players grind really hard and do it “full-time”.

There are many poker players from the USA who move to Thailand in a kind of poker WG. There they play online poker and have a good lifestyle due to the exchange rate (USD in Baht) and the low living costs. Of course, such players do not just live on RB. They simply view RB as a bonus for their use at the poker table. But there exist also poker players who only live on rakeback!

Take again the example just mentioned. You live in Thailand in a shared flat where you can live well with the equivalent of $ 1,000. You play Turbo Sit & Go tournaments 10 + 1 $, you have a YourPokerDream VIP rakeback deal and let’s say 60% RB to take an example

How many hours a day and how many times do you have to play to achieve that?

$ 1000 RB * 100/50 = $ 2,000 Rake
$ 2,000 rake / $ 1 rake per SNG = 2,000 SNG per month
To get RB $ 1000 you need to play 2000 SNG’s ($ 10 + $ 1) per month. With a little experience and a good mindset, this is completely feasible and realistic. A normal worker works an average of 160 hours a month. If you were to play poker 160 hours a month, you would need to play 12.5 SnG’s / h (2000 SNG’s / 160h). This is quite easy to achieve for a normal grinder!

You see, it is absolutely feasible and realistic. As a result, many players finance their studies with it, make some money or even play full time as a job. And that’s just the RB! This means that if you play 2000 Sit & Go Break-Even, you can already live on it. But most players have a higher win rate than just break even. Even a win rate of 1% ROI would increase the earnings extra. And of course, there are many players who play more than 2,000 tournaments a month, as they play a higher number of hours, or just several tables at a time.

It should be mentioned that in Cash Game it works just like in Sit & Go tournaments. We have just taken an example of Sit & Go tournaments, as it is very easy to calculate.

How to maximize my RB?

Volume/Samplesize is the secret when it comes to earning as much rakeback as possible. Especially in turbo or super turbo Sit & Go tournaments it is possible to generate a lot of RB. Without rakeback you should not play turbo/super turbo sng’s, because in the long term you pay too much rake. But that means not that RB is only for turbo or superturbo sngs important. Extra Rakeback means more money, does not matter what kind of games you play.

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The fact is that getting as much RB as possible is very important and is one of the most important lessons for an online poker player who wants to maximize his winnings. Without rakeback you give away hundreds to thousands of dollars every month. As in the free economy, a poker player has to learn to maximize his winnings, and a lot of the winnings come from rakeback. So do not lose money!

Rakeback FAQ

This is difficult to say. YourPokerDream offers you the best possible rakeback deals all over the world and earn at every of our partner rooms minimum 50% RB. At some rooms up to 89% RB.

Yes you can get at every poker room. Only the percentage is from room to room different.

The highest rakeback deal you can find at the moment at our partner room Winner Poker. We offer our players there an fantastic 70% Flat Deal with weekly payouts. And additional two rake races who brings you even more % RB.

We offer also some really nice flat deals at Coral Poker,Party Poker, Bwin, Pokerking, Betsson and Betsafe Poker. Contact our support to get your personal exclusive deal.

Yes all flat deals which we offer are 100% legal. These days flat deals are absolutly normal for almost every poker room. Some years ago the most poker rooms and networks was against such deals, but this was the past.

Yes of course. A good rakeback deal increase your winnings. Thats why every good poker player is always looking for the best possible rakeback deal. There exist also many player who make only by rakeback winnings. They play break even but the rakeback make them to winning players.

No, it is  for every kind of player important. A hobby player who is playing  just for fun is the same happy to receive some extra cash as a  professional poker player.