The colourful world of Spin & Go/Jackpot Tournaments

Spin & Go tournaments offer a fast-paced, unique poker format that provides players with the opportunity to win big. First launched on the PokerStars platform, this format has increased in popularity and is now a part of the staple diet with every major online poker provider. The payout structure varies from room to room, but the principle remains the same.

A tournament starts as soon as three players have registered. The prize pool is determined by a random number generator and can have a prize multiplier between 2 and 10,000. Again, these vary by the poker room, but the potential gains are substantial across the board, and it’s not unusual to see life-changing sums being won. All tournaments adopt the super turbo format, so with games taking literally minutes, you can expect a fun-filled poker session.

Why are these tournaments so popular?

With the turbo structure and the chance to win thousands in cool, hard cash in just a few minutes, Spin & Go attracts many recreational players looking for the chance of a quick win. Everyone can try their luck, and the high prizes guarantee a thrilling ride. In fact, no other format generates as much traffic as Spin & Go Jackpot tournies. At iPoker and PartyPoker you can find 24/7 traffic at all buy-in levels!

While there will of course be regular seasoned players concentrating on these games, compared with other formats you’ll find that the sheer volume of recreational players makes Spin & Go tournaments an ‘easier’ playing environment, albeit a competitive one even at the lower buy-in levels. Indeed, you can eke out a very decent profit without venturing into the higher level tournaments while still being in with a chance of massive payouts!

What is the variance?

The very structural nature of the super turbo format, combined with the looser dynamic created by the number of ‘fun’ players is bound to result in higher variance than usual. Consequently, be prepared for some big swings (50+ buy-ins, for example, is quite possible), so that means making sure your bankroll can sustain such bad runs. With this in mind, we recommend not playing too many tables at the same time – even experienced regulars tend to concentrate on only two or three.

How important is Rakeback?

Rakeback helps in making these tournaments as profitable as possible. The speed of the games adds to the volume and in turn generates a lot of rake in a short amount of time, so securing a juicy Rakeback deal is a must! Depending on the poker room, YourPokerDream offers you up to 80% rakeback!

Where are these tournaments offered?

All partners of YourPokerDream offer Spin & Go/Jackpot tournaments. Thanks to our exclusive Rakeback deals at YourPokerDream, it’s advantageous for any type of player to sign up and make the most of the offers at one of our partner rooms. Just click on the login button of the respective poker room and you will be redirected to the main page to register through YPD.

Spin & Gold Jackpot Sit & Go – GGPoker Network

The fast-growing GGPoker Network has its own Spin & Go format: Spin & Gold. There are seven buy-in levels offered – $1, $3, $5,$10, $20, $50, $100, $200 – and each has its share of (weaker) recreational players.

As far as numbers are concerned, the GGPoker network is awash with players, and one reason for this is undoubtedly rakeback.  All players participate in the standard Fish Buffet rakeback program, and you can also earn up to 40% additional rakeback by completing various daily missions. And that’s not all – players also enjoy more earning power via great value daily rake races.

Of course, YourPokerDream will like always add something extra in the shape of special VIP deals, thus throwing even more rakeback into the mix. Our deals are the best on the GGPoker network, making it a perfect choice for Spin & Go fans. 

Contact us for more information and to secure a special VIP Deal with us!

GGPoker is available to UK players only!

Logo GGPoker
600$ Bonus/YPD VIP Deal
Logo Natural8
600$ Bonus/50.000$ YPD GG Race

Spins – PartyPoker Network

These tournaments are available at buy-ins ranging from $0.25 all the way up to $250, and can be played on any of PartyPoker, Bwin or Coral poker rooms. The traffic on the Party Poker Network is above average – up to the $100 buy-in tables, for example, you will always find games available. The rake for tables with $5 buy-ins or lower is 8%, while from $10 buy-in it drops to 6%. However, even with the higher rake these tournaments can be quite profitable due to the high volume of recreational players and the high rakeback.

And the potential gains are truly enormous – a buy-in of just $5 is enough for a chance to win a cool $1 Million, and the max payout at the $50 buy-in level is $2 Million!

Logo Partypoker
600$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback
Logo Bwin
500$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

Spin & Go Twister Sit & Go – iPoker Network

Twister Sit & Go tournaments are among the most popular around, so it’s no surprise that there are always enough players at all buy-ins up to €100. In addition, the iPoker network constantly has ongoing promotions specifically related to Twister tournaments, and these attract an incredible number of players and, of course, provide additional rakeback.

The limits offered are €1, €5, €10, €20, €50 and €100, and the rake is 7% .

Logo Betsafe
1.000€ Bonus/30% Flat+Rake Chase
Logo NordicBet
1.000€ Bonus/30% Rakeback
Logo Betsson
1.000€ Bonus/30% Flat+Rake Chase

Jackpot Poker – Winning Poker (WPN) Network

Thee Winning Poker Network has an incredible number of recreational players (especially from the USA), which sets it apart from other online poker rooms with Jackpot tournaments. You will find full tables 24/7 due to traffic from both the USA and Europe, but if you want to play at $10 or higher you’ll have to fit in with the peak times in the USA. Available buy-ins are $2, $10, $25 and $40, and you can win up to 2,500 times your investment.

With only 6% rake deducted at the tables, the Jackpot tournaments on Winning Poker Network are an excellent choice.

Logo PokerKing
2.000$ Bonus/Up to 55% Rakeback

· Published 30.12.2017 · last updated 08.11.2023