What is a Straight Flush in Poker?


A straight flush in poker is five consecutive cards of the same suit, like 5-6-7-8-9 all in hearts. It blends a straight with a flush. Royal flush, with cards A-K-Q-J-10 of one suit, is the pinnacle of straight flushes.


Only a higher straight flush can outdo a straight flush. For instance, 5-6-7-8-9 in spades would lose against 9-10-J-Q-K in diamonds. A royal flush is unbeatable.


A straight flush is a rarity, symbolizing supreme luck in poker. Achieving this hand often indicates a player’s dominant position. Its combination of straight and flush underscores its unique strength.

Impact on Strategy

Despite its strength, straight flushes are uncommon. Players focus on more frequent strong hands. Yet, if there’s a hint of a straight flush possibility, they might alter their strategy to pursue it or use it as a bluff. Such a hand can make opponents wary.


Poker has ancient roots with evolving hand rankings. Straight flushes have long stood out as powerful hands. Historic tales of huge wins or losses involving them add to their legendary status.

Odds and Probability for Straight Flush

Number of Possible Straight Flushes

There are 36 possible straight flushes and 4 possible royal flushes; in sum, 40.

Probability of a Straight Flush

The probability is the ratio of the number of successful outcomes (in this case, a Straight Flush) to the total number of possible outcomes. So, the probability of being dealt a Straight Flush is:

C ( 52,5 ) = 52! 5! × (52-5)! = 2,598,960 P ( Straight Flush ) = 36 2,598,960 = 0.00001385

The Odds of getting straight flush

In a standard 5-card poker game, the odds of being dealt a Royal Flush are exactly 1 in 72,193.

Odds vs. Probability

It’s important to note the distinction between odds and probability. Probability is the ratio of the number of successful outcomes to the total possible outcomes, while odds compare the likelihood of the event occurring versus it not occurring. In this context, the odds are often stated as 72,193 to 1 against being dealt a Straight Flush.

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last updated 19.09.2023