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WPN NetworkWinning Poker Network the paradise with US players

Since 2001, the Winning Poker Network is one of the networks that consistently accept US players. Meanwhile, the Winning Poker Network is by far the leading network of US players.

Another peculiarity is that players here have the option of using Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and many others.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

The Winning Poker Network submitted extensive information about the Winning Poker Network’s random number generator (RNG) to the independent organization iTech Labs. We asked this trusted resource to perform an in-depth analysis of the randomness of the output of the Winning Poker Network RNG, and its implementation in the shuffling of the cards on Winning Poker Network. Information about the results can be seen below.

iTech Labs

iTech Labs has confirmed the reliability and security of the random number generator (RNG) that the Winning Poker Network uses to shuffle cards on its online poker site, showing the solution meets or exceeds best practices in generating unpredictable and statistically random values for dealing cards.

The WPN network has nearly 10 skins, including the three leading skins and YourPokerDream partner Black Chip Poker, Americas Cardroom and PokerKing. All brands in the Winning Poker Network offer state-of-the-art software, unique player promotions, top-notch processing for both deposits and withdrawals, and unmatched customer service.

Top Winning Network(WPN) Online Poker Rooms


First Deposit Bonus 100% up to 1.000$

US Players Welcome

25.000$ YPD Main Rake Race

YourPokerDream VIP Deals


First Deposit Bonus 100% up to 777$

Up to 50$ Free Poker Money(After 10$ Deposit)

25.000$ YPD Main Rake Race

YourPokerDream VIP Deals

Americas Cardroom

First Deposit Bonus 100% up to 1.000$

US Players Welcome

25.000$ YPD Main Rake Race

50$ Free Poker Money after 10$ Deposit

Traffic and Skill of the Players

The Winning Poker Network is one of the top 5 in the world and has as mentioned at the beginning mainly traffic from the US. This means that most players will be online when it is a bit late in Europe or in the middle of the night. The US players are well-known that they like to gamble and the majority does not have much clue about ​​poker strategy, which has the consequence that many players from Europe just register there to play against exactly this kind of players.

All known variants are offered and you will actually find 24/7 enough traffic on most limits.

Rake/Fees WPN Network

Fixed Limit

Stakes2 Players % / CAP3-4 Players % / CAP5+ Players % / CAP
$0.02/$0.044.5% / $0.014.5% / $0.014.5% / $0.01
$0.04/$0.08 to $0.05/$0.104.5% / $0.044.5% / $0.044.5% / $0.04
$0.10/$0.204.5% / $0.104.5% / $0.104.5% / $0.10
$0.25/$0.504.5% / $0.164.5% / $0.164.5% / $0.16
$0.50/$14.5% / $0.404.5% / $0.404.5% / $0.40
$1/$22% / $0.503% / $0.704% / $0.80
$2/$42% / $0.503% / $0.703% / $1.25
$3/$6 to $5/$102% / $0.503% / $23% / $3
$10/$202% / $0.502.5% / $22.5% / $3
$15/$302% / $12% / $22% / $3
$20/$40 to $100/$2001% / $11% / $21% / $3

No Limit and Pot Limit Holdem

StakesRake per pot2 Players CAP3 Players CAP4 Players CAP5 to 9 Players CAP
All Stakes Up to and including $1/2$0.01 for each $0.20 in Pot$0.50$1.00$2.00$3.00
Stakes $2/4, $3/6 and $4/8$0.05 for each $1 in Pot$1.00$1.50$2.00$3.00
Stakes $5/$10 and Greater$0.25 for each $5 in Pot$1.25$1.75$2.25$3.00


The software is actually stable, modern and well structured and does not differ much from the other leading online poker providers. A small disadvantage is that it is only available in English.

The Railbird, Avatars, Double or Nothing, Tournament Tickets, The Maximizer, Auto Buy-In, Spin to Get IN, Straddle Tables, Late Registration, Auto Top Up, Newest Software Improvements, Progressive Pay-outs, Preferred Seating, Raise Methodology, Multi-tabling, Syncronized Breaks, Hand for Hand, On-Table Tournament Statistics Display, On-Table In-the-Money Symbol, Final Table Graphics, Time Bank, CAP Tables

Most operator also offer a Mac version and Mobile version. Not all skins!

Six Plus Holdm

Since September 2018 the WPN Network offers also Short Deck Holdem Poker which is called Six Plus Holdem.


It would take a long time to enumerate all promotions. The network offers the most promotions on the market and a variety of different ones tailored to specific types of players.

Of course, you may also miss the one Jackpot Spin & Go variant or Fast Fold Poker.


The rakeback offer on the Winning Poker network is impressive and especially at Black Chip Poker and PokerKing!

YourPokerDream is one of the few European affiliates who can offer you an additional rakeback deal and even accept new signups from players!

  • 25k YPD Main Rake Race
  • VIP High Roller Deals (contact our support for details)
  • Lets go to Ibiza promotion

Sign up for Black Chip Poker,Americas Cardroom or PokerKing via YourPokerDream and do not miss the exclusive extras and a special rakeback deal.