General Information about Daniel Negreanu

Daniel NegreanuThe Canadian Daniel Negreanu “Kid Poker” is one of the truly unique poker personalities, well known for his ability to read his opponents adeptly and adapt his game accordingly. Daniel is the leader in the all-time money list in terms of tournament poker. As of 2018, Negreanu has won an incredible $ 39,556,196 in poker tournaments. And with these numbers, we’re only considering tournament’s.

With six WSOP bracelets, he is not only one of the most successful, but also likely the most popular figure in the international poker scene. This is due to his very open and friendly demeanor. When Daniel Negreanu is at the table, he’s always up for humor and, through his relaxed small-talk, he even seems to be able to extract various information about his fellow competitors.

Occasionally, he also shows mood swings which aren’t always amusing to his opponents. The reason for this is that his humor and small-talk can often come across as condescending. On the whole, however, he is considered a very composed figure who is appreciated by all colleagues. His legendary calmness was on display in 2006 when he lost live on TV in a single hand over half a million USD with a full house against a four of a kind by Gus Hansen (see video below). His calm and respectful reaction to this lost hand earned him a great reputation in the global poker scene.

His style of play

Daniel Negreanu is a very stable individual in every way. He has his emotions very well under control and is a very good tournament competitor, as well as in the cash game. He himself says that he calls more times on the flop than other competitors, as he trusts in his skills later in the game as far as reading his opponents is concerned. In fact, Daniel very often baffles all the individuals at the table, by predicting the supposed hand of his opponent and thus surprisingly often right.

His tight aggressive style of play actually has no weakness. Especially new competitors try to copy his style of play often, which doesn’t always succeed. His superior instincts and the gift of developing and adapting his own game make him one of the best poker competitors of all time and rightly a Hall of Fame member.

Daniel Negreanu Bracelets at the WSOP

Year Buy-in Tournament Players Price Money
1998 2000 $ Pot Limit Hold’em 229 169.460 $
2003 2000 $ Limit S.H.O.E 135 100.440 $
2004 2000 $ Limit Hold’em 287 169.100 $
2008 2000 $ Limit Hold’em 479 204.874 $
2013 A 10.000 A$ No-Limit Hold’em Main Event 405 1.038.825 A$
2013 E 25.600 € High Roller No-Limit Hold’em 80 725.000 €

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