HORSE Poker Game

HORSE is also referred to as a mixed game. This is a game that’s developed from five poker games which are; Hold’em, Omaha Hi/Lo, Razz, Stud and Eight or better.

How HORSE came to be

This is one of the renowned mixed game variants available in the world of casino gaming. High roller players in and based casinos will usually go for a mix of poker games and not a single game. With a mixed game, the house edge will be lowered compared to a single game specialist. Many punters also believe that a mixed game will give a true reflection of a true poker gamer. HORSE is part of the WCOOP (World Championship of Online Poker).


HORSE is played as a round of its component games. The game will begin with fixed Limit Hold’em and will move through Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo then to Razz, Seven Card Stud (High) and will eventually finish with Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo. After the Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo is done, the game will then start on Fixed Limit Hold’em and will continue in the same cycle.

As the game switches from one version of poker to another, the bottom is frozen. When the game switches back to Hold’em, after the complete cycle of the game is done, nobody will skip blinds or pay any extra blinds.

All these components of HORSE are played in fixed limit. There is no pot limit or No limit games. The limits set will be maintained throughout the game.

Horse is considered to be a great game that will assist you in developing your skills in multiple poker games. This will also come a long way in breaking the monotony of playing only one game. Before playing HORSE, it would be smart if you perfected your skills in each component of the game.

Is HORSE new to you? We would recommend that you play the game free before getting into real money gaming. There are plenty of poker sites out there that are able to offer this game in free version. This way you will become familiar with the game and you’ll know what works best for you before you can start playing for real money.

There are other mixed game variants and these are 8-Game Mix and Hold’em/Omaha games. Playing these games will serve as a great substitute to games like Texas Hold’em and the great thing is that you will have these mixed games available in poker tournaments.


· Published 08.10.2017 · last updated 02.02.2018