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There’s a danger in playing poker online that, the more experienced we become, the less inclined we are to feel like we can still learn much more about the game. Of course, nobody ever reaches the point at which nothing can be added to their armoury or understanding, so it’s always worth investing time away from the tables to better our appreciation of this or that aspect of the game – even those subjects that we think we know well still deserve toi be revisited.

Apart from our needing – like a well-oiled engine – to keep our poker mind fresh and our progress constantly evolving, there’s another reason why we should make a point of fine-tuning our poker brain. This is that our experience can sometimes be almost a hindrance in that it can lead to our over-estimating our ability and understanding, as well as adopting bad habits. The prospects of an experienced player who has accumulated poor habits over time are worse than those of an absolute beginner who is effectively a blank sheet of paper that’s primed to be filled with appropriate poker knowledge (no bad habits!).

However proficient we have become, therefore, it pays to stay ahead of the game, revisit areas about which we (mistakenly) believe we can learn nothing more, review and refresh our game and – crucially – identify and address poor habits.

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