This section is dedicated to the interesting and probably most important topic in poker psychology/mindset. You will find many detailed articles here to help you clear your mind and understand why certain things happen at the tables.

Many players think that only strategy and skill is important at the tables. Anyone who thinks this way is completely wrong, a good poker player is made up of 50% Mindset and 50% Strategy and Skill together. Many professionals even claim that the mindset and psychological aspects are even more important.

It’s not easy to deal with a downswing and deal with different bad beats. It is important to understand the game and to understand why different things happen. Only if you are clear in your mind, you can play poker successfully. Most mistakes are made on tilt, because the head turns off, the emotions inside make you crazy and you can make no more factual decisions.

Read through all the articles in this area in peace, even twice if need be. It is important that you have completely internalized the content and understood.

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In this section you will find the following articles:

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