The subject of psychology in poker is an interesting one for two reasons. First, it’s arguably the most important part of the game – however much we learn about strategy and statistics and so on, if our mindset isn’t right, and if we don’t sufficiently appreciate the enormous role psychology plays, we’re simply never going to get the most out of poker. The other reason why psychology is special is because the vast majority of players for whatever reason fail to address the significance of the previous point!

Quite simply, we can’t to afford to underestimate how crucial a part psychology has in every player’s poker journey. From hardened, grinding GTO-obsessed professional to the recreational poker fan who ventures into an online poker room only at the weekend, there’s no escaping psychology. This can mean investigating how other players typically think, human nature, betting behaviour and a myriad of other elements that revolve around getting into others’ heads. But it’s also imperative to properly know ourselves, to learn to look within so that, as well as homing in on our opponents’ weaknesses, we also need to be aware of our own!

The articles in our Poker Psychology section help highlight those countless parts of the game where embracing psychology is bound to not only lead to winning more pots here and there, but will also help players bolster their mental strength and, in turn, their overall confidence.

By focusing on how we approach the game, how we get into the opposition’s heads and how we ourselves maintain a healthy mindset, the results can be the difference between someone who plays the game almost blindly and someone who ‘sees’ so much deeper into poker’s secrets.

We hope that you find YPD’s Poker Psychology articles interesting, thought-provoking and informative.

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In this section you will find the following articles:

Author: YPD
last updated 18.09.2023