The explanation of the Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo rules

Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo is a demanding poker game that will see the best traditional high poker hand and best Ace to five lowball hand split the pot at the showdown. When the game starts, the players will be dealt with seven cards individually through the entire session of the hand, only the best five-card hand from the players will be used to come up with the winner.

In this stud Hi/Lo, the low hand will be played with an eight or better qualifier. This means that a low hand needs to be at worst for an eight low to be able to win the low portion of the pot. The low hands in this version of poker will be determined similar to how Omaha Hi/Lo hands are determined. When there is no hand qualifying as a low hand, the highest valued card will be the winner to the pot.

A low card will always be classified in descending order. A formation like 6, 4, 3, 2, A is known as a six low since its highest card is 6. There are eight low hands, seven low-hand and so on. Since the lower the value of the hand is the higher chances it has for winning, then a six low would win the pot and a seven low lose.

Rules for playing Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo


Before you can play a seven card Stud Hi/Lo game, all the players need to put a nominal amount which is referred to as the Ante. This is usually the exact amount that depends on the game and usually shown on the table’s title bar.

Third Street

When the game starts, the players will get three cards where two of them will be hidden hole cards and one face will be up. The player with the least exposed card will be the bring-in and will need to start the action. The player will be required to make a nominal bet and not that the bring-in will depend on the game. With regard to what the player chooses, they can make the lower betting increment. The betting on the table will proceed clockwise.

Fourth Street

Each player on the table will get an additional showing card termed as the fourth street. The first player to take on the action is the one whose showing card has the highest poker value. As per the rules of this game, the player has the option to bet or check. Different from the Seven Card Stud, players are not allowed to make double sized bets if a player makes a pair on this round. All the best will be in their lower increment.

Fifth Street

The players will get another round of showing cards. Just like in the fourth street, the player with the highest valued card showing will start the betting round and it will proceed in a clockwise formation.

Sixth Street

Every poker player will get another showing card and the player with the highest valued poker card will start the betting round and it will proceed clockwise.

The River

This is the seventh street and this will be the final card to be dealt. The first player to act will be the individual with the highest valued card. The wagering round will proceed and on a clockwise manner.


This round will be used to determine the Hi and Lo Winners. The showdown will happen when the table has more than one player sitting after the river round. The last bettor of the last round will need to show their cards first. In an event where there was no betting in the last round, the player in the earliest seat will show their cards first. More hands in the showdown will be exposed clockwise round the table.

The player who will have the best five-card hand for the high will be the Hi winner and that with the best low hand for the low will be the Lo winner and they will get to share the pot. In the event where there will be no best hand for the Lo, the best hand for the high will take the entire pot.

In the seven card Stud hi/Lo, there is the eight or better requirement for one to win the low. A player needs to have an unpaired five card hand that comprises of all the cards less than or equal to eight. When no player meets the requirements, there will be no low qualifying,


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last updated 02.02.2018