The Poker Hall of Fame

Poker Hall of Fame
The Poker Hall of Fame is located in the Binions Horseshoe Casino, Las Vegas, and was founded in 1979 by Benny Binion to pay homage to the best poker players in history and attract more tourists to the casino.

In 2011 a new age requirement was added which made the minimum age 40. Consequently, regular nominees during previous years, such as Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu, found themselves albeit temporarily out of contention, but were eventually inducted once they had reached the age threshold.

Players take great pride in being among the elite who have been selected for inclusion over the years, with Barbara Enright, for example, the first woman inducted into the Hall, saying her induction was a “lifetime achievement honour.”

Certain conditions must be met to be included in the Hall of Fame:

  • The player must have played high stakes.
  • The player must have played at the biggest events against acknowledged strong opponents.
  • The player must have played consistently well and won the respect of colleagues.
  • The player must have stood the test of time.

As of today, there are 58 players in total who have been admitted to the Poker Hall of Fame, with 31 still living. YPD has put together profiles of some of the players who have been inducted. Click on the name of a player, below, and take a look at their achievements and information.

last updated 06.05.2023