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Multi Table Poker Tournaments are always interesting

Multi Table tournaments are the most likely type of online tournaments. There are many tournaments with different buy-in’s and types, daily on all different poker rooms. Mostly the poker room also guarantee a prize pool, so there is to win a lot. Multi Table tournaments are so famous, because you can win a big prize with paying only a small entrance.

The big money at MTTs

A buy-in from $10 normally is enough to get the chance to win thousands of dollars. The more you invest in buy-in, the bigger prize will be at the end. The prize pool will normally increase when more players are entering the poker tournament. You can win a lot with a medium buy-in and many players in it.

Let us say, you are participating at a mtt poker tournament with 1500 players and a buy-in from $10 plus $1 fee. The prize pool in total will be $15.000. The fee will not be going to the prize pool, it is used for hosting this tournament and goes to the poker room. With this prize pool the winner gets around $3.000 and he only had paid in total $11 to join the tournament.

Different kind of Multi Table Tournaments

There are different kinds of mtt poker tournaments. The mostly known ones are tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool. That means, the poker room guaranteed a prize pool even if not enough players have paid an entrance buy-in to reach this high value of prices. For example, there is every Saturday at 19:30 UTC the $20.000 guaranteed tournament on Coral Poker, William Hill,Bet-At-Homer .Netbet and Winner Poker. Even if only 200 players entering this tournament, with a Buy-in of $75, the price pool will be $20.000 not $15.000. However, in most cases, this tournament had more than 300 players. The Price Pool will be over $20.000 then.

A normal Freezout poker tournament will be played until it is only one player left and he has all chips of this poker  tournament.

Rebuy  MTT Tournaments are very famous and known for the aggressive and bad players who are participating. In a Rebuy poker tournament you can pay another buy-in to get new chips after losing all yours and get back to the poker tournament. If a player takes a so-called Rebuy, this buy-in counting to the prize pool too. This Rebuy option normally is active until the Level 10-12 of the Blinds. After this Rebuy time the tournament is running until one player is left, as normal freezout.

There is a way a tournament is ending, before only one player is left. This is when all players at the final table deciding to make a deal. The final table is mostly reached, when only 9 or 10 players are left. In this case, the players can discuss how they share the prize pool money. If one player disagree, the tournament will go on until one player is left or the players are finding a deal, which all agree. The poker room normally offers a deal to share the money based on the chips every player has. It is possible that all players agree to that deal, or they make another offer to the other players.

Strategies for Multi Table Tournaments

Playing and winning Multi-table tournaments is a bit exciting and challenging. There are online poker rooms that allow players the opportunity to play Multi Table Sit and Go’s and also enjoy Multi-Table tournaments. One thing to understand is that the more tables in the poker room, the more places that are paid.  The prize amount in the tournament is also influenced by the number of players and the amount of the buy-in.

One important factor to understand is that when you are on a poker tournament table, the chances of winning are pretty narrow. This is because there are a number of variables/ all-in’s and bad-beat opportunities that will narrow your winning chances. The scheduled Multi-Table tournaments are broken down in three distinct phases.

Early stages

This is the first phase in Multi-table tournaments. Here, the table position and card strength are the most important factors in winning. The early stage allows you to use your superior card selection and also play to your fullest.  You will also have to practice patience within the first hour.

Middle Stages

This is the do-or-die time in the Multi-table tournament stage. Players are required to tighten up their hand selection for either 3or 4 hands up until the break has died down. In the middle stages players are required to familiarize themselves with new tables and new situations. It is important to take note of where the small and large stacks are sitting, how other stacks relate to you and where the button and blinds are located.

It is also important for the player not to assume that the big-stack is the best player on the table.

Later Stages

Stack-management is the most important in this stage. This stage no longer gives you the opportunity of constructing hands since the pots are decided by all. In this stage the suited connectors lose value so quickly and the high cards gain value. In this stage you do not get the chance to choose which hands you play, and if medium or large stacked players are advised to avoid calling hands early.

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