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· Published 24.06.2019 · last updated 15.03.2021

We show you how you can become a online poker pro

Being an online poker professional requires so much. Many new poker players, at some point, have always wanted to become an online poker professional – it’s normal!

Playing an online poker professionally and doing it for a living seems like a perfect job – for individuals with the flair for poker at least. For you to play poker professionally and be successful in it, here are five crucial ways on how to become an online poker professional.

Always observe the game very carefully

Examining the game and every aspect of it is an important way to progress to become an online poker professional. The need to make a thorough research on the game all the time helps in keeping you up to date with the latest strategies and trends. Additionally, it is essential that you never stop learning and studying every aspect of the game. You can also learn the different hands to help you improve and play the game dexterously.

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Be consistent

To be a professional online poker player, you need to be consistent in winning games. It is necessary to know that lots of online players get big scores in a poker event, or win an equivalent of two months’ wages at the cash tables thinking it is easy to make money in the game – well you’re wrong. You need to be consistent and prove you are a winning player, only then can you become a professional online poker player. If you are not winning games consistently, you may lose more than what put in during your poker career.

Be pragmatic

After realizing that you are a winning player, you need to figure out how many tournaments you need to play to equal your earlier salary – this is what lots of poker players don’t do.

When you have a job where you are paid monthly, most times, you are salaried regardless of how productive or efficient your month is. Additionally, you are paid even though you are sick or on vacation. The fact of going to work five days per week is enough to get you out of bed very early in the morning – but how many online poker players will wake up very early in the middle of the day and play poker for about 2 to 3 hours? You can guess, not too many of them. In a nutshell, to be successful, you need to put in much work that will match your previous salary

Try your hands in poker for a trial run

Even if you tried your hands on the points stated above, you still need to give playing professionally a trial run to gain much experience.

You can take two days or a week off from work and spend a significant amount of time playing poker (at least you will still get paid from work even if you are on vacation!).

Create a large bankroll for yourself

One of the biggest mistakes most online poker professionals make is not building a bankroll for themselves. The wise ones have a bankroll where six months’ worth of their living expenditures are moved in a different bank account in case things do not go as planned. Spending money from your poker bankroll to pay bills and other expenses is not a wise decision to make if you want to become a successful online poker professional.

Most importantly, your bankroll should be more than a regular poker player who plays for fun and randomly. Creating a bankroll would make you attain your financial goals.

Final Words

Now you have it! Being an online professional player is not something you attain overnight. You have to be disciplined and above all, follow the points listed here. Additionally, you need always to act professionally i.e. giving the right attitude each day to the game, if you want to remain successful.

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