Draws are crucial in poker. Math shows we often don’t have a made hand when Flop arrives. It might not be strong enough by the River because the Turn and River introduce many possibilities. As soon as cards of the same suit appear or cards coordinate rank-wise, draws become important.

Though flush and open-ended straight draws are common, Backdoor or Runner Runner draws are intriguing. Such a draw requires hits on both Turn and River. Unlike flush draws needing just one card, Backdoor draws need two, giving players fewer chances.

Backdoor Draws – the good news

While Backdoor draws might seem risky due to lower odds, they offer advantages:

  • Pot Control: Having backdoor equity helps in viewing another card cheaply or managing pot size.
  • Bluffing Opportunities: Backdoor potential boosts confidence in semi-bluffing. If called, you can still form a strong hand.
  • Value Betting: Completing a backdoor hand on the river can surprise opponents, ensuring better bets.

Backdoor draws are concealed compared to evident flush/straight draws. Their hidden nature improves implied odds, allowing huge pots if the hand hits.

Using the Qh Jh hand example demonstrates Backdoor draw strategy. These draws change hand dynamics, impacting decisions. Unlike obvious 4-card flush draws, Backdoor draws keep hand strength mysterious for opponents.

This stealthiness makes backdoor draws so compelling. They add subtlety to poker, offering unexpected rewards.

Author: AngusD
last updated 18.09.2023