NHL 6-Max: Online Poker’s Famous Variant

Long ago, online poker had everyone playing full ring games with 9 or 10 players per table, mirroring traditional brick & mortar poker rooms. But with 6-max games’ introduction, this fast-paced format has become a favored choice for many. Its rapid blind rotation ensures more game action.

Rolling Stones & 6-Max Poker

In 6-max poker, you’re often paying blinds, so waiting to play only top-tier hands isn’t feasible. While the game has evolved from its origins, some old strategies remain. Notably, players shifted from short-handed games back to full ring tables, bringing aggressive strategies from the former. Adopting a proactive approach is crucial when playing 6-max games.

Embrace Aggression

Aggression is fundamental in 6-max strategy. With fewer opponents, opening bets often result in many folds, letting players win without reaching the Flop. This doesn’t require strong hands, as players might avoid conflict with average holdings. Pre-flop aggression is multifaceted: it represents strength, discourages opponents, thins out the competition, and increases winning chances. Typically, a 3BB bet works. Also, post-flop aggression, in the form of continuation bets, becomes more effective.

Position Matters!

Position is paramount in 6-max games. With hand ranges being broader, aggressive play is rewarded more than in full ring games, magnifying position’s importance. Holding a positional advantage over one or two opponents is highly advantageous.

Lastly, avoid passive play. Playing timidly negates all benefits discussed. Limping doesn’t convey strength and can leave you vulnerable to opponents’ aggressive tactics. Limping occasionally is okay, but be wary. As you dive into 6-Max poker, focus on aggression, position, proactive strategies, and resist passivity.

Enjoy the game!

Author: AngusD
last updated 18.09.2023