Poker etiquetteEven though poker is a very serious game and it’s about real money, it’s still should also make fun. To ensure this, there are unwritten laws called Poker Etiquette. It is therefore recommended, especially as a poker beginner to deal with the practices at the table. We would like to introduce you to the various laws in the casino and online poker rooms in this article.

You should not celebrate your own profits too much

A friendly and respectful behavior at the poker table is part of the normal standard.

It does not matter if you leave the table as a winner or a loser. If a player wins by his good style of play, then the respect at the table is safe anyway. It’s fine to say some normal words about his hand or reveal his hand, even if you do not have to.

But you should refrain from over celebrating your triumph.

You should always put yourself in the emotional position of the loser. A player who celebrates himself extremely after winning a pot, does not necessarily make yourself popular with your teammates.

This does not mean that you can not be happy about your win. It should only be within acceptable limits. Of course, this is a bit more easy in online poker, because you are not sitting directly in front of other players. But even here you should refrain from celebrating too much in the chat.

Even if you lose, you have to keep the self-control

Of course that sounds easier than it is sometimes in reality. The true size of a player is defeat and there are many well known poker professionals who have received great respect. Especially if you often play against the same players and one of them is a player where you constantly lose, it is often difficult to control the feelings and emotions.

This is of course completely human and the same with other players.

You should always try to put your own emotions behind, as they also cost strength and influence your own game. When you’re angry, you can not make rational decisions. Unfortunate situations and bad luck are part of poker and nobody is protected from it.

To give tipps is a sign of respect

This point is of course not important for online players, since all fees here are automatically deducted from the poker room. In the live casino, however, it is an unwritten law to tip the dealer for bigger winnings. Of course, this does not have to be done every time a pot is won, but every once in a while.

The dealers usually live off their tips and apart from that, it’s not that easy to keep the game overview with so many players and bets. There is no prescribed amount and you can decide it by yourself how much tip you want to give.

Never become disrespectful or offensive

It is completely human that sometimes we lose our nerves and burn our fuses. However, should it ever happen, you should never fail and be personal. This is completely unacceptable. Even at online poker rooms such a thing is not tolerated and you can even be excluded from the game operation, if you repeat such behavior.

Respect and help is always welcome

Of course, there is nothing wrong with helping beginners in certain situations and it is also considered positive. What does not look so good, are unwanted arrogant advices. The same applies to criticism, if a beginner has played a hand possibly very badly, but luck has brought him on the winning road. You should always hold back a bit and put yourself in the position of the player. You would not be very happy about bad comments when you are in such a situation.

Phil Hellmuth explains Poker Etiquette(Live Poker)


Whether live in the casino or online poker, you should show all  players the same respect you expect also for yourself. Poker is one of the most beautiful games in the world and brings people from all over the world together at one table. Everyone should play their part in making the game as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved and make the game fun.

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