Keep calm, have respect

Poker blends fun seriousness. While unexpected outcomes excite, our aim is winning chips – ideally, from opponents. Live Poker demands balance behavior, as we face opponents directly, without online anonymity’s shield. Essential etiquette for live poker ensures newcomers confidently approach their first game. While online poker masks emotions, live games demand restraint. Maintaining calm promotes sportsmanship fosters successful table image. Act your turn, avoid slow rolling, protect your hand, always ensure cards are visible avoid discussing ongoing hands.

Keep your emotions check

Poker, like life, has highs lows due luck human emotions like ego pride. Avoid letting these emotions impact others, whether facing a loss or win. Never excuse rudeness or disrespect at poker table. Players who can’t maintain self-respect tarnish poker’s reputation. Movies TV might glamorize ‘trash talk’, but reality shuns it. Be cautious with drinks, belongings, declare your action clearly prevent misunderstandings keep game flow.

Never let it become personal

Live Poker can provoke emotions, especially facing bad luck against same opponent, more so when that opponent makes errors or gambles. Avoid fixating on revenge or resorting verbal confrontations. Simply: DON’T GET PERSONAL. This applies online poker as well. Stay attentive, avoid using electronics at table, avoid string betting.

Don’t give advice or criticise!

Avoid giving advice or criticising. Also, remember “One Player Hand” rule, don’t splash pot. Always tip dealer when appropriate. Enough said.

Phil Hellmuth explains Poker Etiquette (Live Poker)


Whether it’s Live Poker in a bricks & mortar casino or online poker, we should always show our opponents utmost respect. Poker is almost unique in how it brings together people with a shared passion from around the globe. We all need to play our part in making sure this harmony continues, and that means putting ego and selfishness aside.

last updated 18.09.2023